The UQ Centre has the University's largest PV installation at 433kWp. The Centre's extensive, gently sloping roof area, which is free of obstructions, and its building location and orientation, make it an ideal site for a large PV installation.

On some days the peak output of the rooftop PV system will exceed the electricity demand of the UQ Centre. In this case power is exported from the building and distributed to other nearby buildings using the University's low voltage electricity network (all the PV power generated at St Lucia is used on-campus to displace grid electricity). 

The UQ Centre's large lecture and auditorium spaces make it the premier venue for graduations, ceremonies, exhibitions, conferences, banquets, lectures, and cultural and sporting events. More information is available at the UQ Centre website.

  • Site Name: UQ St. Lucia Campus
  • Building/Location: UQ Centre - Bld. 27A
  • Suburb/City: St. Lucia, Brisbane QLD, 4067
  • Nominal DC output: 433.44 kWp
  • Module area: 2956 m²
  • Start-up Date: 1/06/2011
  • Visible on Live Data Display: Yes
  • Date Connected to Display: 10/06/2011

Technical Data

  • Site Longitude: 153°00'54.8" E
  • Site Latitude: 27°29'45" S
  • Height Above Sea Level: 28 m
  • Time Zone: AEST
  • Type of Installation: Rooftop installation (elevated)
  • Tracking system: No tracking system 
  • Orientation & Tilt: 110° & 3° (Lower/South Roof) 
  • Orientation & Tilt: 20° & -3° (Perimeter)
  • Orientation & Tilt: 20° & 6° (Core)
  • Module Make & Model: Trina TSM 240-PC05
  • Module Technology: Polycrystalline silicon
  • Module Size: 1650 x 992mm
  • Number of Modules: 1806
  • Inverter Make & Model: Aurora Power-One PVI-12.5-OUTD/-S & Aurora Power-One PVI-5000-OUTD
  • Number of Inverters:32 (31 x 12.5 and 1 x 5000)