Gatton's Building 8167 is an important element in the campus infrastructure. It houses a major electrical substation and shelters a vital back-up power generator. Its location and orientation makes it well suited to a photovoltaic installation. The 25 kWp roof-top system was installed as part of the School of Veterinary Science relocation project.

PV panels have been landscape mounted on six sets of tilt frames set up at 27° on the flat roof of Building 8167. The long axis of the building is almost north-south and as a result the panels have been oriented 5 degrees east of north.

  • Site Name: UQ Gatton Campus
  • Building/Location: Building 8167
  • Suburb/City: Gatton, QLD 4343
  • Nominal DC output: 25 kWp
  • Module area:183.8 m²
  • Start-up Date: 1/06/2010
  • Visible on Live Data Display: No
  • Date Connected to Display:Early 2012 (planned)

Technical Data

  • Site Longitude: 152°20'01.50" E
  • Site Latitude: 27°33'11.00" S
  • Height Above Sea Level: 105 metres
  • Time Zone: AEST
  • Type of Installation:Rooftop installation (elevated)
  • Tracking system: No tracking system
  • Tilt:27°
  • Orientation:
  • Module Make & Model: Mono-crystalline Silicon
  • Module Technology: Conergy P170M
  • Module Size: 1580 x 808 mm
  • Number of Modules: 144
  • Inverter Make & Model:SMC 8000TL
  • Number of Inverters:3