The School of Journalism and Communication was disestablished on 31 December, 2014.

The work of the school continues within the new School of Communication and Arts. The information in this website is therefore out of date but retained for archival and staff purposes.

Senior Lecturer
Public Relations Convenor
Chair of Engagement/International Committee

Room 324, Level 3
Joyce Ackroyd Building (#37)

Contact Details
Phone: 07 3346 8260
Fax: 07 33468299



Dr Elizabeth Mitchell* has 25-plus years’ experience in public relations research, practice and teaching. She joined the School in 2013 from one of Australia’s largest communication consulting firms, Rowland, where she lead the corporate communication, marketing communication and communication training practices. Elizabeth's most recent academic appointment was with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where she was an Associate Professor in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication (2003-2009). Elizabeth teaches undergraduate and post graduate courses in the public relations discipline. Her track record includes extensive postgraduate supervision and the publication of her research in leading public relations, mass communication and journalism journals.
(* as Elizabeth Dougall)

  • Ph.D., Faculty of Business, Queensland University of Technology, 2005
  • M.A., Communication — Organisational Communication (with Distinction), Charles Sturt University, 1998
  • Graduate Diploma of Management, University of New England, 1998
  • Bachelor of Business — Communication (with Distinction), Queensland University of Technology, 1986.

Research Interests:
  • The public opinion environment co-created by stakeholders, including communities, media, activists and government
  • How issues compelled and contested by stakeholders emerge and persist over time
  • The role of the media in shaping the issues marketplace
  • Implications for organisations pursuing, contending and arbitrating issues of contention in the public sphere, in particular, those issues that put at risk the social license to operate

Interested in studying for your PhD or Mphil?

Dr Mitchell is always keen to meet potential RHD candidates. Contact her here to register your interest. A snapshot of her track record for RHDs follows:

Methodological Expertise:
  • Content analysis
  • Case study
  • Interviews, focus groups
  • Survey research
  • Mixed methods

Research Higher Degree Supervision:

Doctoral Theses (Committee Member)

  • Dave Remund (2011) – Agency experience: A case study of leadership development within a high-performing public relations agency
  • Mishra, Karen (2007). Employee Relations as Public Relations
  • Suzanne Horsley (2006). Reliability in chaos: Crisis communication in state emergency Management agencies.


  • Efthimiou, Greg (2007-2008). Regaining Altitude: A Case Analysis of the JetBlue Airways Valentine’s Day 2007 Crisis.
  • Mateshvili, Maya (2007-2008). Government Public Relations in the Nation Building of Georgia.
  • Kuhl, Courtney (2005-2006). Corporate Giving: Executive Perceptions at Healthcare Corporations.
  • Aljoura, Loubna (2009) – Framing analysis of newspaper coverage of Max Mosley’s Nazi orgy
  • Rostovtseva, Nataliya (2009). Inter-media agency role of the blogosphere: A content analysis of the Reuters photo controversy coverage during the Israel-Lebanon conflict in 2006.
  • Hur, Keun Yung (2008). Korea’s Stem Cell Research Crisis: Exploring a New Model to Gauge Ethical Intent of Crisis Communication Strategies.
  • McGinnis, Ann (2008). Change a Light, Change the World Bus Tour: A Communications Audit.
  • Claire Hermann (2007). Communicating About the Rural Advancement Foundation International – USA: An Application of Organisational Identity, Organisational Image and the Situational Theory of Publics to a Public Relations Plan.
  • Helen Allrich (2007). The Heart Truth Campaign: A Communication Audit.
Editorial Board Membership:
  • PRISM - refereed public relations and communication research journal (ISSN 1448-4404).
  • Reviewer: for various public relations, media and mass communication journals 
  • Case Studies in Strategic Communication (CSSC)


Selected Publications:

Hennink-Kaminski, H. and Dougall, E.K. (2009). Myths, mysteries and monsters: When shaken babies make the news. Social Marketing Quarterly, 15/(4), 25-48.

Hennink-Kaminski, H. and Dougall, E.K. (2009). Tailoring hospital education materials for the period of purple crying: Saving babies in North Carolina media campaign. Social Marketing Quarterly, 15/(4), 49-64.

Runyan, D.K., Hennink-Kaminski, H., Zolotor, A., Barr, R.G., Murphy, R., Barr, M., Sullivan, K., Dougall, E.K, and Nocera, M. (2009). Designing and testing a shaken baby syndrome prevention program: The period of purple crying: Saving babies in North Carolina. Social Marketing Quarterly, 15 (4), 2-24.

Dougall, E.K., Horsley, S., McClisky, C. (2008). Disaster communication: Lessons from Indonesia. International Journal of Strategic Communication 2(2), pp. 75-99.

Hester, J. & Dougall, E. K. (2007). The effectiveness and efficiency of constructed week sampling for content analysis of online news. Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly 84(4), pp. 811-824.

Curtin, P. A., Dougall, E. K., & Mersey, R. D. (2007). A comparison of producers’ and users’ story preferences on the Yahoo! News portal. Newspaper Research Journal 28(4), pp. 22-35.

Dougall, E. K., & Boynton, L. (2006). The methodical avoidance of experiments in public relations research. PRism 4(1),

Dougall, E. K. (2006). Tracking organisation-public relationships over time: A framework for longitudinal research. Public Relations Review 32(2), pp.174-176.

Dougall, E. K. (2005). Revelations of an ecological perspective: Issues, inertia, and the public opinion environment of organisational populations. Public Relations Review 31(4), pp. 534-543.

Selected Presentations:

Hennink-Kaminski, H., Dougall, E. K., & Sullivan, K. (2009). Designing a social marketing campaign to prevent shaking baby syndrome in North Carolina. Social Marketing in Public Health, Clearwater Beach, Florida, June 17-20, 2009.

Dougall, E. K. & Hennink-Kaminski, H. (2009). Maximizing applied and academic research outcomes: A case study in public relations and public health collaboration. The 12th Annual International Public Relations Research Conference. Miami, FL, March 11-15, 2009.

Hennink-Kaminski, H., & Dougall, E. K. (2008). A crying shame: Shaken Baby Syndrome in the news. Paper presented at the Annual Convention of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication, August 5-9, Chicago, IL.

Hennink-Kaminski, H., & Dougall, E. K. (2008). Using formative research to develop concepts, messages and promotional materials to reduce instances of Shaken Baby Syndrome in North Carolina. Paper presented at the 18th Annual Social Marketing in Public Health Conference, June 20-21, Clearwater Beach, FL.

Dougall, E. K., & Straughan, D. M. (2007). Top communicators from global pharma firms talk about transforming times. Paper presented at the Ninth Annual International Public Relations Research Conference, March 8-11, Miami, FL.

Curtin, P. A., Dougall, E. K., & Mersey, R. (2006). The Internet and the future of journalism: Comparing news producers’ and users’ preferences on the Yahoo! news portal. Paper presented at the 89th Annual Convention of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication, August 1-5, San Francisco, CA.

Research Grants:

2007-2010: Centers for Disease Control, Doris Duke Charitable Fund, The Duke Endowment. A USD 7 million, five-year intervention designed to implement a universal program for the prevention of traumatic brain injury among infants (a.k.a. Shaken Baby Syndrome). Co-investigator responsible for designing the $250,000 social marketing component (public relations/advertising) of a statewide effort.

2008: The Institute for Public Relations Essential Knowledge Project. “Issues Management.”

2007: UNC-Chapel Hill Award for Junior Faculty Development. Project title: “A comparison of producers’ and users’ story preferences on the Yahoo! News portal.”

2005: Arthur W. Page Society, 2005. Project title: “Applied ethics in public communication: Reaching out globally to the practice through online learning solutions”

Honours and Awards:

2010 Second prize. Communication School Division (2010). “Entirely Comfortable with its Orientation: Subaru's Successful History of Gay/Lesbian Integrated Marketing Communications,” Elizabeth Dougall (Faculty Advisor), Laurie Phillips (PhD candidate).

2009: Public Relations Society of America International Conference, Showcase of the International Public Relations Research Conference. “Maximizing applied and academic research outcomes: A case study in public relations and public health collaboration.”

2008: Grand Prize. Arthur W. Page Society Corporate Communications Case Study Competition. Business and Communication Schools. "Mattel Recalls 2007- Communication Implications for Quality Control, Outsourcing and Consumer Relations," Elizabeth Dougall (Faculty Advisor), Courtney Woo (MA student).

2008: First Prize. Arthur W. Page Society Corporate Communications Case Study Competition.Communication School Division. "JetBlue Airways: Regaining Altitude After the Valentine's Day Massacre of 2007," Elizabeth Dougall (Faculty Advisor), Greg Efthimiou (MA student).

2007 First Prize. Arthur W. Page Society Corporate Communications Case Study Competition. Communication School Division. "McDonald's Corporation and the Issue of Health and Nutrition," Elizabeth Dougall (Faculty Advisor), Terri Bailey (PhD candidate).

2007, 2008, 2009: Faculty Advisor, PR Week Student of the Year Finalists

2007: UNC Chapel Hill Edward Vick Prize for Innovation in Teaching, 2007 ($10,000)

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