Access the SI-net Player for an online, interactive simulation of some key SI-net processes:

In September 2011, SI-net underwent an upgrade to the next Software version.  We are currently in the process of reviewing our training materials, including the online simulations available via the SI-net Player.  Please note that the contents of the SI-net Player have not yet been updated to reflect the "version 9.0" SI-net screens, so you may notice some minor differences.  The SI-net Player will be updated over the coming months.  Please refer to the Training Manuals page if there is any confusion.
To access and use the SI-net Player:
1. Click the 'SI-net Player" icon 
2. Expand the hierarchical menu on the left of your screen, until you find the topic that you wish to view.  An individual topic is represented by this icon 

3. Only when you have selected a single topic, are you then able to select the desired Playback mode at the top of the screen.  We recommend either Try It mode or Do It Mode:

Try it :  Allows you to perform the steps of the process, following clear instructions within a simulated environment, which looks very much like you are working within a real SI-net window.  A pop-up bubble instructs you on the steps to follow, and you are required to actually follow the steps to move through the simulation.


To exit Try It mode, click the   button in the top-right corner of the bubble.

Do it :  The SI-net Player opens as a small window in the bottom of your screen, to serve as a 'memory aid' when you work in the 'live' SI-net system. You are not required to do any steps within the player window, you just use the arrows in the yellow instructions pane to move backwards and forwards through the steps, reading the instructions and viewing the screen shots as you go.

(Note that you can drag the corner to increase the size of this small DO It window - both the lower screenshot pane & upper yellow instructions pane can be resized to meet your needs).

To exit Do It mode, click the  'Close' button in the top-right corner of the instructions pane.




4. Once you have exited a topic, you will be returned to the SI-net Player hierarchical menu page, where you can view a different topic.  If you are finished using the Player, simply close the window.

Please note: For some browsers other than Internet Explorer and Firefox, you may find that the SI-net Player content is displayed differently, as a series of static HTML web pages (i.e., less interactive 
that the "Try It" playback mode allows).  However, regardless of the browser used, the content of the topics will be the same.


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