SI-net Expert Users play a vital role in extending the reach of SI-net support throughout the university, and helping to tailor SI-net training and support messages to be faculty/area specific.

Specifically, Expert Users are responsible for:

  • Delivering one-to-one training to staff colleagues who are new to aspects of SI-net and have completed their pre-requisite Fundamentals training.
  • Signing the Access Request Form after the training is complete (SI-net coordinator approval is also required on this form).
  • Acting as a first contact for staff who have questions about SI-net.
  • Liaising with SI-net Business Analysts on behalf of their faculty/organisational unit, for system and training-related issues.
  • If you have made a data-entry error in SI-net, Expert Users should be your first point of contact.  These staff members often have 'Correct History' access, and/or can escalate the issue to the relevant academic administration manager or to SI-net Business Analysts as required.

Why should I be trained by an Expert User?

  • It gives you the chance to get to know a local contact person, so that you know who to go to if you encounter any issues within using SI-net or applying the content covered in your training courses.
  • It allows your trainer to slightly tailor the training examples and focus areas to suit your area and/or your likely work tasks, making the training much more useful and relevant for you than the SI-net Support Group could do centrally.

Below is a list of the Faculty/School SI-net Expert Users.  

Please contact an expert user in your faculty/area once you have completed SI-net Fundamentals training, to organise your training and access to other modules of SI-net (excluding the SI-net Graduations course - this course must be conducted centrally by SI-net Support, with enrolments via the Staff Development - HR Division Website). 


Organisational Area
Expert User Name
Expert User Email
Business, Economics & Law
Deanne Strachan
Alicia Van Zyl 

Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology

Kristen Pavasovic

Katherine Berry

Anita Kelly

Sharon Cunnington

Andrea Rowan

Brianne Mackinnon

Humanities & Social Sciences
Leanne Smith
Vicky McNicol
Jessica Holland
Debra McKenzie
Gary Johnson
Tony Hartley
Erin Zielke
Nicole Jackson
Mark Holland
Sherrie Hoang
Adriana Majchrzak
Health and Behavioural Sciences
Theresa Robinson
Melissa Scott
HABS - Nursing, Midwifery & Social Work
Carla Cravaliat
HABS – Health & Rehab Science
Nicola Townsend
Hayley Sycz
HABS - Dentistry
Carol Jang 
HABS - Pharmacy
Debbie Bertram
Belinda Ryan

Trudi Summerhayes

Amarjeet Kaur

Laurelle Roberts

UQ Abroad
Caroline Thompson
Lynette Cowan
Rachel O'Donnell
Stephen Gillard
Jodie Martin
Mark Badans
UQ Student Employability Centre
Jodie De Daunton
Student Centre
Peter Lowther
Sudha Murugesan
Sallyanne Graham
Justin George
Jacqui Cox
Janice Collins
Libby Schmidt
Barbara Sheahan
Teresa Charlton
UQ International
Kylie Quillinan
UQ Graduate School
Catherine Crawford
Tracey Castle
Sam Ferguson
Authorised to train staff in own school/business unit


The above SI-net Expert Users were nominated by the SI-net Coordinator in their area, and have undertaken an in-house 'train the trainer' style course which was designed and is facilitated by the Student Functional Group.  If you are interested in becoming a SI-net Expert User and/or believe that there is a need for an additional contact point in your area, please contact your SI-net Coordinator in the first instance.

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