Note that not all UQ staff members will require access to SI-net and mySI-net.  Please click on the links below to read more about the different levels of system access, and discuss your requirements with your supervisor before submitting an Access Request Form. 
If you require mySI-net Staff Access and/or Read Only Access to SI-net, no training is required:
access flow chart 
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 If you require Update Access to SI-net (editing privileges), you will need to complete training. 
access flow chart including training
 Ø SI-net Fundamentals training is compulsory to obtain any type of SI-net ‘Update’ access, and is a pre-requisite for all other SI-net training courses. 
   Ø Completion of this training does not automatically entitle you to SI-net access – approval by your school/unit manager AND SI-net Coordinator is a requirement for access.
   Ø You may submit your Access Request form now, or wait until you have completed your other training modules. If submitting the Access Request Form for the first time, tick New at the top of the form.  If you have already submitted the form before, tick Upgrade at the top of the form (to upgrade to more advanced access based on the training completed). 
   Ø Each category of access will only be granted after you have attended training for the relevant SI-net module. If you have enrolled in your training, you may wish to let us know the dates on which you intend to complete each module. 
   Ø If your training is being delivered by a SI-net Expert User, they are authorised to sign your Access Request Form in place of the School / Unit manager.  This form also needs to be signed by your SI-net Coordinator. 
   Ø Please see the Training page for more details. 
 Ø To speed up this process, you may wish to email to advise us that your training has been completed.
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An important note on Privacy

Access to SI-net is governed by the University's Policies and Procedures. In particular, the following policies relate to the operation and maintenance of SI-net:

1. HUPP 1.60.1 Right to Information

2. HUPP 1.60.2 Privacy Management

3. HUPP 1.60.4 Records Management

Request Access section

Read Only Access to SI-net

Read only access is available to all staff, pending the completion of the Access Request Form with approval from your

Update Access to SI-net

Update access to the core student administration system is dependent on the completion of training, and can be granted in the following areas:

Who are the SI-net Coordinators?

For information about SI-net/mySI-net and what access you require please liaise with the SI-net Coordinator from your relevant faculty/unit. The responsibilities adopted...
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