SI-net support staff are responsible for the SI-net System, the University of Queensland's Student Information System.


SI-net is a core business application of the University that supports student related activities across all campuses including admissions, enrolments, examinations, calculation and charging of fees and degree progression checking. It is also the repository of a large amount of data about the University's courses and programs.

During peak processing periods, SI-net has up to 6000 active concurrent users who are administering/inquiring upon in excess of 40,000 active student enrolments.

SI-net support staff also developed and maintain mySI-net, which is the staff and student self-service component of SI-net. mySI-net is designed to empower students to manage their own enrolments, and to self-extract information about their progress. mySI-net is also used by staff to manage aspects of Student Administration such as electronic class signon, the downloading of class lists and uploading of examination results.

Our mission is to facilitate those aspects of the University's annual business cycle which are dependent on the efficient operation of SI-net and mySI-net.

Our goals are to:

  1. ensure all critical deadlines in The University's Student Administration Business Cycle are met;
  2. provide continuous improvement in UQ students' ability to manage their enrolment by deploying reliable and functionally rich web-based services;
  3. provide ongoing training for SI-net and mySI-net including remedial training;
  4. provide prompt user support, including system enhancements to SI-net and mySI-net, subject to staffing constraints;
  5. ensure data integrity within SI-net via proactive monitoring and remedial training;
  6. minimise unscheduled system down time;
  7. ensure system and data security by maintaining a fully patched system and components, and enforcing access protocols.