The Online Application System

Release 1 of the Online Application System debuted on June 30 2015, with Release 2 released in August. It differs from the SITS system it is gradually replacing, in that it is not used to assess applications. Processing of applications by UQ staff staff will take place in SI-net.
Release 2.1 extended the functionality previously delivered in R1 and R2, delivering:
·       Up to date information available to applicants – Program hard close dates are built into the application process (invalid selections  disallowed)
·       Improvements in withdrawal process, including quoting withdrawal reasons for administrators and automated confirmation emails to  applicants/agents
·       OLA reference data automatically updated from SI-net (allowing up-to-date information to be made available to applicants)
Release 3.1- Part 1 (R3.1 is being released in two parts, with Part 1 going live 15/12/2015, and Part 2 scheduled for early 2016
·       View-access to a ‘Document Repository’ for administrators, providing a second option, rather than only email, for accessing submitted documents.
·       New-look ‘Partner Portal’, enabling the onboarding of Institutional partners and study abroad providers.
·       UQ staff data entry capability directly into OLA
·         Application Fee Waiver codes will be generated and managed in SI-net  
Support Documents:
This major new UQ system required that significant changes be made to SI-net Admissions components, especially Maintain Applications, for which several new tabs have been constructed. Not all of these tabs will need to be completed for all new applications – they will tend to be application type-specific, such as a tab for research applications. This document is designed to show users the SI-net pages and fields that will store data received from the Online Application System.
WorkCentres provide a central area for users to access key components. They enable users to access various pages and perform daily tasks without leaving the workcentre, which reduces the time used when navigating through menus. The new UQ Applications WorkCentre component will include four separate workcentres, the first of which will be the Initial WorkCentre, which will show applications awaiting processing.
To support the introduction of online applications directly into SI-net we have developed a short training session and manual 'SI-net Interfaces Search/Match' to guide the business areas in carrying out these tasks. 
 A change to the UQ Application Data tab in Maintain Applications has been made. The change involves the introduction of a new Primary Recruiting Category field.
If an application lists multiple Recruiting Categories (used by UQ International and the Graduate School to identify Recruiter Agents) on the Application/School Recruiting tab, the new field will identify which of them will have responsibility for the application within the Online Application System.
CommGen Offer Letters for OLA  Training document Version 1.2 for generating OLA offer letters using Communication Generation in SI-net.


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