New page Student Program Career Link

Mar 30, 2016

 Please note: The below information is intended as an advisory only.                       &...

Inaugural SI-net Showcase - Slides & more

Feb 17, 2016

 For those of you who missed today's event, or those who want a refresher, we have created a .pdf document of all 4 presentations.  Also below is information relating to the pilot of the eTranscript and the Tertiary Transport Concession ch...

New go card Process - How to assist students with their eligibility

Feb 5, 2016

 If a student application for the new transport concession through TransLink is not successful the student will receive an SMS (or email) with the following message. See the UQ Specific Details column in the table to assist the student resolve ...

New: Student Group Search

Sep 28, 2015

A new feature is available in SI-net that allows users to search for all students attached to a particular Student Group. This will be of particular benefit to those areas that manage student cohorts using Student Group functionality - such as the S...

Student e-File Accessing Electronic Student Files via SI-net

Sep 14, 2015

Student e-File – Accessing Electronic Stu...

Transfer Credit - Enhancement for Dual Degree Program Change

Aug 13, 2015

A new enhancement in SI-net makes the process of determining and recording ownership for Transfer Credit in a Dual Degree owned by two faculties much easier. Please read the document

Interfaces Search/Match

Jul 27, 2015

 To support the introduction of online applications directly into SI-net we have developed a short training session and manual 'SI-net Interfaces Search/Match'...

Guide to Online Applications in SI-net

Jul 14, 2015

The Online Application System Release 1 of the Online Application System debuted on June 30 2015, with Release 2 due in early August. It differs from the SITS system it is gradually replacing, in that it is not used t...

NEW Request Transcript report - and training

Apr 21, 2015

 SI-net is about to release a new version of the transcript report.  This report is generated via Records and Enrolment > Transcripts – Request Transcript Report.  It is used for graduat...

Making SI-net even easier to use: Related Content

Jan 9, 2015

From Monday 12 January 2015 you will see a change in many of your favourite SI-net pages.   Related Content  links on the right hand side of many of the pages will link you to other pages that migh...

New Transfer Credit process makes Program Change even easier

Dec 22, 2014

  Following on from the introduction of an automated Program Change Request, the SI-net team have now introduced a simpified Transfer Credit process for Program Change Request.   The guide below will take you throug...

Automated Program Change - Live 4 December 2014

Dec 3, 2014

The new automated process for domestic Program Change Requests will be live for staff users on 4 December 2014. For instructions on how to use the process please go to the latest

Program Change Requests - Improved Process

Oct 28, 2014

By now most SI-net users know that a major improvement has been made to the way Program Change Requests can be processed. The documents attached will give more details but in summary: What has changed: Domestic app...

Deferred Exams - End of Semester functionality now live

Oct 3, 2014

 Dear Colleagues   Deferred Examinations Requests functionality for end of semester 2 2014 is...

Deferred Examination Requests will be available for students on my-SI-net from start of semester 2, 2014.

Jul 23, 2014


Student Placements Module - update

Jun 17, 2014

  Today at the regular ASD seminar series, Lisa Forster gave an update to interested staff on the Student Placements Module.   Staff interested in seeing the presentation slides can find them

Scheduling alternate-year classes

Jun 12, 2014

  In the past, schools that regularly schedule classes that run every odd or even year have had to schedule them manually. SI-net has just implemented some changes that enable classes that are configured to run in odd ...

New myRequests Tab for students

Jun 4, 2014

 There is a new myRequests tab in mySI-net to allow students to be able to access a variety of requests from a centralised location. &nbs...

New Expert Users

Apr 8, 2014

The Student Functional Group acknowledge the role undertaken by SI-net Expert Users. We understand that they are called on to fit this role into an already busy schedule, and we thank Expert Users in advance for t...

What do Enhanced Studies, ICTE & International School Leavers have in common?

Feb 25, 2014

Toward the end of 2013/ early 2014 we introduced a number of new processes to make tasks easier for business areas and improve the student experience. Enhanced Studies This interface allows us to upload the Enhanced ...

Major Upgrade of SI-net

Feb 25, 2014

 On the Australia Day weekend we successfully upgraded SI-net.  This upgrade, undertaken in a very tight timeframe, has brought SI-net completely up to date with patch releases and was the largest technical upgrade to the system since 2011...

Semester 2 Signon

Jul 2, 2013

 There have been some changes to Signon to include Staff Allocation Only and Allocate by Student Group.   Also, Signon dates for the curernt semester are available on the last slide.  

New iCalendar download for Student Timetable

May 7, 2013

Students can now opt to have their timetable provided to them as an iCalendar download which can then be opened in one of the many calendar applications available. To access their iCalendar download Students should go to the Timetable Home P...

Program Change Request - Business process has changed

Apr 16, 2013

  As a result of the current program change methodology, the tuition calculation has been negatively impacted.

Class Signon - updated slides

Jan 17, 2013

  Some minor changes have been made to the Class Signon presentation, updated slides Class Signon Semester 1 2013  provide users new t...

Predicted Record QTAC Main Offer Round

Jan 9, 2013

On Tuesday 15th and Wednesday 16th January the Student Functional Group will process what is shaping up to be the largest offer round we've had at UQ with over 9,000 offers being generated for undergraduate courses accross the UQ campuses. T...

2013 Training Catalogue now open

Jan 3, 2013

 SI-net training commences with SI-net Fundamentals on Wednesday January 9th and continues with a total of 75 courses scheduled in 2013. Coming up in January/February:

Projects Update November 2012

Nov 21, 2012

Student Administrative Systems Support Projects Update – November 2012 UniFi Travel

New eCAF live in mySI-net

Nov 19, 2012

  Changes to the eCAF electronic Commonwelath Assistance Form for 2013 have been uploaded to mySI-net today to coincide with the opening of 2013 enrolments. These changes affect students not undertaking their studies within Aust...

New Timetable Weekly View

Oct 25, 2012

Student timetables have been improved recently with the introduction of a new Weekly view.The new Weekly view provides access to a much more accurate version of their timetable. Now, if a tutorial or other contact is not scheduled during a w...

New Signon Status "Not Applicable"

Oct 19, 2012

It was identified as part of both the mySI-net and SI-net surveys that staff and students would prefer for class types to be displayed in  the mySI-net ‘Signon’ page as ‘Not Applicable’ when only one offering is availabl...

Addition to the Transcript Noting Standards

Oct 2, 2012

  There is an addition to the Transcript Noting Standards document to accomodate courses completed as part of the Brisbane University Languages Alliance. Click here for the  

Graduations Processes Underway

Sep 3, 2012

The Graduation process has begun with the activation of the 'identify potential graduands' process in SI-net. From tomorrow business areas will commence the process of checking GAT's (Graduation Advisement Transcripts) to identify graduands ...

Tweaking SI-net to provide better performance

Aug 9, 2012

news item about changes at SI-net

UQ Advantage Award goes live!

Aug 3, 2012

UQ Advantage Award has been launched and students are already regist...

Did you know?

Jul 12, 2012

Negative and Positive Service Indicators now have a Start and End date in SI-net. For updated procedures, please refer to the Fundamentals Training Manual

Program Change Request for International Students

Jul 12, 2012

As of 4 July 2012, international students are now permitted to make Program Change Requests through mySI-net. For procedures outlining the Program Change Request process, please refer to the

UQ Advantage Award

Jul 12, 2012

Starting in semester 2 2012, the UQ Advantage Award is a new award for undergraduate students that recognises participation in a range of co-curricular activities across three core categories and attendance at a unique series of symposia. Th...