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The business process will be established in consultation with relevant faculty and school staff, and a determination made as to whether it meets requirements.

Reason for Change / Background
This change was brought about by the requirement to display all of the courses that have led to the awarding of a degree, including academic standing and articulation arrangements, on the AHEGS statement.
The Student Program Career Link has been introduced to allow for the linking of careers so they can be listed in Section 4 of the AHEGS statement to include all programs that make up an articulated program set for example:
Graduate Certificate Business
Graduate Diploma Business
Master of Business
This can also be used to link Postgraduate Research careers after an approved return from discontinuation to candidature:
Change Summary / Impact Statement
What’s new / What hasn’t changed
·         The AHEGS itself has not yet changed to pick up these linked programs – that change is in development
·         ‘Linking’ will only affect AHEGS production, no other part of the student record is affected – Transcripts and Studies Reports are unchanged by this development
·         There is no change to Transfer Credit processing – this is specifically for programs where Transfer Credit is not used
·         As above – do not use the Student Program Career Link if you will transferring the credit from one program to the other  - this would cause the courses to be duplicated on the AHEGS statement
 Who will be impacted?
·         Staff who manage admissions for articulated programs
·         Staff managing graduations for students in articulated program suites or early exiting from programs
·         Graduate School staff readmitting students to a new career number
·         Students will receive AHEGS statements that include the full articulated program of study
Actions required by you (Your Action)
Business areas affected by this change will need to identify how best to proceed.
For new admissions/Program Change to a program in an articulated suite:
Our recommendation would be that the link is established at the point of admission to the higher program. For example when admitting to the Graduate Diploma in Business set up a link to the Grad Cert and likewise when admitting to the Master of Business set up a link to the Grad Dip and the Grad Cert.
For readmissions (particularly PGRS)
At the point of readmitting a student into a new career number for their Program, add a link to the previous career number.
Current students:
As part of graduation processing identify students graduating from an articulated suite of programs and establish the links.
Early Exits
Where students are graduated with a lower degree and the courses are not credited across to the new degree – linking provides a way to show that the courses were completed under the higher level program instead of the current system where no courses will appear on the AHEGS:
Important dates
The new page is live in SI-net now with the AHEGS development expected to be released in the coming weeks. Business areas could commence ‘linking’ programs/careers now in anticipation of graduation processing.
Contact Point (Further Information)
This development will be addressed at the next meeting of the Student Administration Operational Working Group which has representatives from Faculties and Divisions. In the meantime, to discuss elements of this development please contact:
Bonnie O’Connor             33657126
Saba Ghouri                    33657118
Anu Ramkumar                33652713
Student Functional Group
Information Technology Services
The University of Queensland
Level 6, J. D. Story Building
St. Lucia 4072
Tel: 07-33658844
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