For those of you who missed today's event, or those who want a refresher, we have created a .pdf document of all 4 presentations.  Also below is information relating to the pilot of the eTranscript and the Tertiary Transport Concession changes.



In 2015, investigation into the viability of producing and providing graduates with a secure digital version of the academic record was undertaken. The result was to trial this procedure for 2015 graduates using QuoVadis secure digital signature technology to provide what is called the eTranscript in secure PDF format to students via their UQ email.

The University of Queensland will provide 2015 graduates with an eTranscript, a digitally signed electronic version of the graduate’s official academic record. This process is run via a manual SI-net control and the remainder of the transcript production, signing and transmission being fully automated.

·         Graduates in 2015 will receive via their UQ email a digitally signed PDF version of their academic transcript. At this time, graduates of previous years will not have a digitally signed transcript available to them.

·         A webpage will be created with information aimed at graduates and recipients of a graduate’s eTranscript.

·         Graduates will still receive the paper version at their graduation ceremony or via post for those graduating in absentia.

Go card (the new TTCC)

TransLink cancelled the Tertiary Transport Concession Card, known as TTCC, late in 2015 in anticipation of a new technology solution to be implemented for Semester 1, 2016. Prior to this, TransLink was working with the three large Brisbane Universities to develop and test their new solution.

The new tertiary transport concession which is linked to a student’s go card by TransLink involves a nightly process to determine a student’s eligibility. A student applies via TransLink and their details are sent to the University to check their eligibility for the concession. If the student is eligible they receive the concession on their go card and their continued eligibility is checked on a nightly basis. If the student is initially ineligible, then upon becoming eligible they must reapply through TransLink.

For some students, the automated process may calculate an incorrect eligibility or be unable to determine eligibility. For these cases, a SI-net function has been developed to allow staff to set an override on a student’s eligibility. The students most likely to be affected by this are those studying cross-institutionally. As their enrolment is not at UQ, the process will determine the student ineligible based on insufficient enrolment (i.e. not full-time at UQ).

What’s new

·         Students no longer apply for the TTCC through mySI-net and staff are no longer required to assess applications. Student now apply through TransLink for a tertiary concession eligibility. This eligibility is regularly checked by an automated process with higher education providers.

·         As long as the students meets eligibility requirements, the transport concession is automatically applied to their current go card, regardless whether it is an orange concession or blue adult card.

·         When a student is deemed not to be eligible, or no longer is eligible due to changes in their circumstances, TransLink will communicate this to the student.

What hasn’t changed

·         Students must still meet the eligibility requirements to receive the transport concession.

·         Students must still carry a valid student ID when travelling on concession fares.


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