**Please see the Request Access page to understand what training you require, before enrolling in any of the following training sessions**

To enrol in SI-net Fundamentals:

  • Please go to the Staff Development - HR Division Website and enrol in the next available course that suits your schedule.
  • SI-net Fundamentals training is compulsory to obtain SI-net access, and must be completed before any of the other SI-net training modules.  This course will be facilitated by a SI-net Business Analyst.

To enrol in the other 5 core modules of SI-net, which include:

  1. Please liaise with one of the SI-net Expert Users to try to arrange this training at a time that is mutually convenient.
  2. Access the Training Manuals electronically and/or print the material if you need to.
  3. Attend your training session/s with the SI-net Expert User as arranged - please be respectful of their time and arrive promptly.
  4. Based on your training participation, your School / Unit approver (or SI-net Expert User) and your SI-net Coordinator will then sign your Access Request Form, so that you can be granted access to the relevant pages in SI-net.

Note that SI-net Business Analysts can run the above courses, but do so only if/when required.  Please do not enrol in these courses via the Staff Development - HR Division Website until you have first tried to arrange the training with a SI-net Expert User.

If you require Online Applications WorkCentre access:

  • You need to complete the OLA quiz with a pass mark of 80%. The quiz and all OLA resources can found at the following Blackboard link
  • Once passed, send a completed Access Request Form

If you require "Update" access to the Graduations pages:

After your training:

If you wish to jog your memory after completing the training, you can always refer to the Training Manuals.

Alternatively, for an online simulation of some of the core processes covered in training see our SI-net Player.

If staff require any further information regarding training, please contact the SI-net Help Line on x58844.

Training section

Training Manuals

NOTE: As SI-net has recently undergone a technical upgrade, all of the following SI-net training manuals have been updated.  Please ensure that you have the latest version and please...

Role of SI-net Expert Users

SI-net Expert Users play a vital role in extending the reach of SI-net support throughout the university, and helping to tailor SI-net training and support messages to be faculty/area specific. Specifically, Expert U...

SI-net Practice Sandpit

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PLEASE NOTE: This link is for use by SI-net staff only.  
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