If you need help with using SI-net, please consider the following options:

  1. Check if the information you need is on the Training Manuals or Useful Resources pages. Consider also whether watching a simulation within the SI-net Player may help you.
  2. Your local SI-net Expert User may also be able to assist you.
    • If you have made a data-entry error in SI-net, the Expert Users should be your first point of contact. These staff members often have 'Correct History' access, and/or can escalate the issue to the relevant academic administration manager or to SI-net support staff as required.
  3. If you need a report on SI-net information, go to and log in / request access to the Reportal (Business Objects).
    • Remember that SI-net and mySI-net are not reporting tools.  Almost all of the information accessible within SI-net can be included in a Business Objects report.
    • Note however, that there is at least a 24 hour time delay between changes being made in SI-net / mySi-net and this information being reflected in the Reportal.
  4. Contact the SI-net HELP line.
    • The SI-net HELP line is available if you encounter difficulties or need a Business Analyst's assistance with using SI-net.
    • Please email or phone extension 58844 (8.30am - 5.00pm Monday to Friday).

mySI-net HELP

If a staff member or student requires assistance with using mySI-net:

  1. Refer to the mySI-net Staff Reference Guide or the mySI-net Guide for Students, to see if these documents might answer your question.
  2. Email
Getting help section

Role of SI-net Expert Users

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