The Strategic Information Management Committee (SIMC) is the University's peak ICT advice and governance body and has responsibility for providing a framework to oversee that the University’s information assets, technology and ICT infrastructure. In particular that:

  • the ICT assets, technology and infrastructure are aligned with the University’s Strategic Plan and academic and operational needs;

  • resources are used responsibly;

  • risks are managed appropriately;

  • the ICT assets, technology and infrastructure are considered in budgetary processes;

  • major ICT projects and initiatives are developed, endorsed, managed and reviewed;

  • policies are developed, coordinated and reviewed;

  • Where appropriate, consider data sets that may be suitable for proactive release and make recommendations to the Chief Operating Officer on the University's obligations under the Open Data Strategy for Queensland Universities;

  • standards and University-wide SLAs are defined and subject to ongoing review;

  • policies, standards, SLAs, processes and decisions are communicated;

  • provision is balanced between central and local; and

  • performance is measured and assessed.

The Committee reports to the University Senior Management Group and is Chaired by the Chief Operating Officer.