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 UQ Science Store

The UQ Science Store is a University-wide facility administered by the Faculty of Science. It coordinates the purchase of chemicals and lab consumables, maintains ChemWatch and manages and advises on chemical waste disposal.

The Store offers the following services:

  1. Procurement of chemicals.
  2. Chemical waste disposal - refer to the Environmental Management System website
  3. ChemWatch - refer to the ChemWatch website
  4. Stock of a large range of competitively priced chemicals and lab consumables.
  5. Prompt same-day delivery to St Lucia campus, two deliveries per week to metropolitan Brisbane sites, weekly delivery to Gatton campus.
  6. Provision of advice on all chemical related issues.

Department: UQ Science Store


Email Address:

+ 61 (7) 3365 2345/2528

+ 61 (7) 3365 2665

Main Office:
UQ Science Store (Building 99, St Lucia)