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 Careers and employment

Career services for business, economics, law and tourism students
The Employment Services team within the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law provides career and employment related services and advice to students and alumni in  business, economics, law and tourism. Department:

Careers advising
Career Advisors will help you make informed career decisions through directing you to relevant self-directed materials (such as career profiles, on-line self-assessment tools, fact sheets), related course choice and graduate employm...

Careers Fair
The UQ Careers Fair is an annual event, usually held in March, that brings together university students and major employers from across the country. Visit the Careers Fair websi...

Casual and part-time employment for students
Help for students to find casual and part-time employment whilst studying

Fee-for-service vocational counselling
Fee-for-service vocational counselling provided by UQ's Student Services

Schools/student liaison
The UQ School Liaison team provides prospective students and secondary schools with up-to-date and useful information about the wide range of programs, study options, services and facilities available at The University of Queensland. Throughout the ...

Staff Development Program
The University's Staff Development program organises short courses and certificate-bearing series, targeting specific career paths and explaining University policies and practices.

UQ Temporary Staff Service
UQ Temps Coordinator Email: Telephone: 3365 1908 Office Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 9:15 am - 2:...