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 Retail facilities/shops

Bookshop The Co-op (Herston campus)
The Co-op bookshop at Herston stocks medical textbooks and a wide range of anatomical charts and models.

Bookshop The Co-op (St Lucia campus)
The building that houses the Co-op bookshop is also home to the Print on Demand (POD) Service.

Campus Pharmacy
The Campus Pharmacy is located on St Lucia campus. It stocks a range of products, dispenses prescriptions and also has a Kodak minilab.

The Uni Hair Salon (unisex) is located in the Union Complex on St Lucia campus.

Campus News offers discounted papers and magazines to students and staff at St Lucia.

Post Office UQ St Lucia
Australia Post provides a range of services including postage, bill-paying, passport photos and Australian passport applications. 

Shopping facilities at UQ St Lucia
Some shopping facilities are available at UQ St Lucia. More shops, cafes and a supermarket are within a 10-minute walk at Hawken Village

Uni Bike Shop
The Uni Bike Shop sells bicycles and accessories, and also carries out bike repairs and servicing. It is located in the Union Complex on St Lucia campus.