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Professor of Developmental Neurobiology
School of Biomedical Sciences, The University of Queensland, BNE, QUEENSLAND 4072
+61 3365 2955
+61 3365 1766
Brian Key is the Head of the Brain Growth and Regeneration Lab at the University of Queensland. This Lab is dedicated to understanding the principles of stem cell biology, differentiation, axon guidance, plasticity, regeneration and development of the brain.
Research Interests: 
How does the vertebrate brain, the most complex tissue in the universe, develop from a simple sheet of cells into an organ, which has the ability to ask itself this question? We have set ourselves the task of understanding the secrets underlying the development of the brain and how these developmental processes contribute to regeneration. 
Teaching Interests: 

Brian Key oversees the teaching of Developmental Biology in the Science curriculum at the University of Queensland. Brian teaches developmental biology at all levels of the undergraduate experience. In first year he instructs the students of BIOL1040 (Cells to organisms) in the marvels of stem cell biology. During second year the students in BIOM2208 (Differentiation and Development) are introduced to how embryos build intricate tissues and organs. In third year, Brian leads the students through the mechanisms of axon growth and regeneration in DEVB3001 (Developmental Neurobiology), functioning of the olfactory system in BIOM3014 (Molecular and Cellular Physiology) and embryology in BIOM3002 (Human Biomedical Anatomy).



Lab Info

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Selected Publications: 
Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Molecular Histology (July 2010-present)
Plos One Editorial Board (July 2012–present)
Reviews Editor, Frontiers in Neurogenesis (April 2012-present)
International Journal of Developmental Neuroscience Editorial Board (1999-present)
ARC CRC Autism (2015) Molecular genetics of autism genes using the zebrafish model
NHMRC (2011-2013) Neurodevelopmental role of susceptibility genes for Autism spectrum disorders: from genes to behaviour
NHMRC (2012-2014) The role of potassium channels in photoreceptor function


Qualifications and Awards: 

PhD. (University of Queensland)