Welcome to the Honours Program
Do you want to specialise? Take your studies and ambition to a higher level.

When you have completed the Honours Program, you will have:
  • acquired high level communication and technical skills
  • developed a high degree of self confidence and personal satisfaction by completing a significant piece of work
  • contributed to a research program in the laboratory of your supervisor and maybe even made some "world first" discoveries
  • given yourself the best chance for future employment or entry to the graduate research program.
  • we have established a program with Oxford University (UK), designed to promote learning in the form of special lectures and Honours scholarships for students in the biomedical sciences, the SBMS-Oxford Honours Scholarships. Three scholarships have already been awarded in 2015, however there are opportunities for further awards.

Please browse our Honour's Handbook for 2015-16 students or 2016 students for full details of the program.

The Honour's Calendar outlines important dates for year, please select your relevant cohort: 2015-16 students or 2016 students.

Applying for the Honours Program


  • Check out the Honours Research Projects page or view our staff profile research pages to find your research interest. Please then make contact with the prospective advisor. Once there is agreement of superivision, you can then apply to enrol in the Honours program.
  • You should then download the Honours program Application Form and submit the completed form to the Honours Administration Officer at the School of Biomedical Sciences located in Room 306B, Skerman Building (#65), sbms.hons@uq.edu.au
  • BSc Honours applicants will also be required to complete the UQ Online Application Form, in addition to the Honours Application form.
The School requires a satisfactory background in Level 2 and 3 relevant courses. For BSc graduates, the minimum requirement is a GPA of at least 4.5 in the most relevant 8 units of third level (or advanced) study and an overall GPA of 4 (minimum) for the BSc degree. In some circumstances, and subject to the approval of the Head of School and Executive Dean, BSc graduates who do not fulfil the above requirements may be permitted to enter the Honours program if they have a high GPA in other science courses and if their proposed project fits well with their background. Bachelor of Biomedical Science students can check their eligibility to enrol in honours by reading the program rules and requirements here.


Application closing dates are:

For Semeter 1, commencing 2016: 10 December 2015 deadline.

For Semester 2, commencing 2016: 17 June 2016  deadline.

To access our Enrolment Checklist, please click here.

Honours Scholarships

These are awarded to high achieving students who are studying Honours within the School. Please refer to our information brochure and application form.