In accordance with the University of Queensland Act 1998, the University has established controlled entities that further the University's educational and research aims.

Financial statements are prepared by each entity and and audited by the Queensland Audit Office.  They are then included as part of the consolidated result in the University's annual financial statements.  The University operates the following controlled entities (at 31 December 2016):

UQ Holdings Group

  • JKTech Pty Ltd
  • UniQuest Pty Ltd
  • UQ College Limited
  • UQ Health Care Limited
  • UQ Holdings Pty Ltd
  • UQ Sport Limited
  • UQH Finance Pty Ltd

University Controlled Trusts

  • IMBCom Asset Trust
  • UQ Foundation Trust
  • UQ Investment Trust

UQ Investment Trust Group

  • IMBCom Pty Ltd

UniQuest Group

  • Cloevis Pty Ltd
  • Dendright Pty Ltd
  • Leximancer Pty Ltd
  • Lucia Publishing Systems Pty Ltd
  • Metallotek Pty Ltd
  • Neo-Rehab Pty Ltd
  • Pepfactants Pty Ltd
  • Symbiosis Pty Ltd
  • UWAT Pty Ltd

JKTech Group

  • SUSOP Pty Ltd
  • JKTech South America SpA
  • JK Africa Mining Solutions Pty Ltd

IMBCom Group

  • IMBCom Asset Management Company Pty Ltd
  • Kalthera Pty Ltd

Other Controlled Entities

  • Global Change Institute Pty Ltd
  • UQ Jakarta Office Pty Ltd