The University has made the following arrangements for access to information outside the Right to Information Act 2009:

  1. Open data through UQ Reportal
  2. Academic Record - Transcript
  3. Administrative Access Schemes
  4. Documents relating to claims through the Work Injury Management Team
  5. Clinic documents

Open data through UQ Reportal

A range of official statistical reports for the University are available to students, staff and the wider community through the UQ Reportal. These reports are based on data submitted to the Federal Government.

Yearly and trend tables showing student enrolment head counts, student load, awards, staff, finance and research are available.
Log onto Reportal (as a Guest)

Academic Record - Transcript

An Official Academic Transcript shows your program, the results for each course studied, as well as your final qualification.  Click here for information about applying for an official academic transcript.

Administrative Access Schemes

Under the Right to Information Procedures, the University has implemented the following administrative access schemes that enable persons to access documents outside the RTI/IP Acts:

  • a scheme for staff and students to access their staff or student files
  • limited access to referee reports arising out of continuing appointment and promotion applications for academic staff levels A-D
  • access to personal information from third parties acting as representatives of staff members or students (ie, law firms)

The Right to Information Procedures provides more details on these schemes.

Access to documents relating to claims made through the Work Injury Management Team

A person who is a claimant or worker under the provisions of the Workers' Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 2003 may, by written notice, ask the insurer (Work Injury Management Team) to give the person a copy of the documents that relate to the person's application for compensation.  Requests for these documents are to be made to Mr Rod Knights.

Clinic documents

Refer to the procedures for the relevant University clinic.