Round Status: CLOSED

The University of Queensland Development Fellowships aim to foster development of the most promising early career researchers and retain mid-career and senior academic staff of exceptional calibre at the University. By investing in the best and brightest talent across all career levels, the UQ Development Fellowships facilitate a trajectory of continued excellence and impact in research, teaching and service at UQ. In doing so, the fellowships advance UQ’s strategic objectives in the pillars of Discovery, Learning and Engagement and develop elite professionals who create change in society in multi-dimensional ways.

UQ Development Fellowships may be applied for and awarded funding for up to a maximum of three years full-time, with funding provided centrally in combination with the host Faculty/Institute and/or School/Centre, as per the scheme Guidelines.  Fellowships may also be held on a part-time basis (for family/carers or illness/disability) up to a maximum of four years.

All UQ Development Fellowship applicants must apply under one of the following 2018 Capacity Areas, and are required to spend 20% of their time on the Capacity Area during the Fellowship term:

  • Research-Teaching
  • Research-Industry
  • Research-Service

The following are the key round dates for UQ Fellowships for funding commencing in 2018:

  • Round opens (scheme documentation released): 21July 2017
  • Closing deadline for submission of applications to host School/Centre/Institute: 8 September 2017
  • UQR&I closing deadline for Faculty/Institute recommendations and rankings: 13 October 2017
  • Anticipated announcement of outcomes: late November 2017


  • Step 1: Join the UQR&I Mailing List. Official announcements and UQR&I updates regarding the scheme will be sent via the Mailing List.
  • Step 2: Familiarise yourself with the key UQ documentation (see below).
  • Step 3: After familiarising yourself with the eligibility and selection criteria, click on the link below to access UQR&I Online Forms and begin completing your proposal.
  • Step 4: Submit your completed and validated Application Form to the host School/Centre/Institute, using the online system by 5.00pm 8 September 2017.
Using UQR&I Online Forms:
  • To create an application, navigate to the UQR&I Online Forms Log in page;
  • Log in and navigate to the ‘Home’ page. Use the ‘New Form’ link on the left of the screen to create a new application.
  • Select ‘UQ Development Fellowships 2018’ as the application form type, then begin completing your proposal.
  • Complete sections A to D, including any PDF uploads (using the templates below) as required.
  • Once complete, the Application Form should be validated and submitted to the School/Centre/Institute.
Applicants may request access to previously successful funding applications using the UQR&I Grants Library Access Form.
For further information on the scheme please contact UQR&I at

UQ Research and Innovation (UQR&I) will host an Information Session to outline the 2018 UQ Development Fellowships scheme features and application process, including an overview of the three Capacity Areas for the round. Information Session details are as follows: 

Date: Monday 7 August 2017
Time: 3:00pm – 4:15pm
Venue: Senate Room, Brian Wilson Chancellery #61A.

The UQR&I Information Session will be live streamed to the following locations:

Venue: Gatton -
Room 103, Natural & Rural Systems Management Building #8117A.
Venue: Herston -
Auditorium, UQ Centre for Clinical Research.
Venue: TRI – Auditorium, Level 2 TRI
Venue: Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital - Level 5 Seminar Room, Centre for Children’s Health Research

For a copy of the presentation, please access our Workshop Presentations page.

UQ Development Fellowships Information Session Recording
UQ Development Fellowships Information Session Powerpoint Slides