SPIN (Sponsored Programs Information Network) is a computer database with detailed and up-to-the minute information about thousands of government and private funding opportunities from Australia and overseas. The international information that appears on SPIN Australia has been screened to include only programs for which Australian researchers are eligible to apply e.g. Australian citizens who can apply to overseas agencies, and research to be conducted within Australia.
SPIN currently contains information from more than 1,200 different sponsoring agencies, which together fund over 10,000 separate funding opportunities. All of the information on SPIN is obtained directly from the sponsoring agencies to ensure the integrity of the information.  SPIN Australia provides the information you need to make a decision about whether to apply, including:
  • Granting Body information
  • Deadline information
  • Detailed eligibility
  • Funding amounts and duration
  • On-costs, Infrastructure, etc.
  • Comprehensive text, which includes a brief SYNOPSIS, plus DETAILED description of the program's OBJECTIVES and RESTRICTIONS.

The SPIN database can be searched through the UQ library subscription without requiring an individual user account and UQ Researchers can access Public Saved Searches. Email alerts for new and changed funding opportunities are set up using the ‘Saved Searches’ function on SPIN and an individual account is required to receive these. Create an account on SPIN by clicking on ‘Sign In’ and then ‘Need to create a new profile’. Once an account is created and validated, you will be able to use this account to log into SPIN from any computer, save searches and search parameters for future sessions and receive email alerts for funding opportunities.  Helpful guides are available from the SPIN website: