Round Status: Internal EOI Open

The NHMRC Centres of Research Excellence (CRE) Scheme provides support for teams of researchers to pursue collaborative research and develop capacity in clinical, population health and health services research.  NHMRC funding will support three streams:

  • CREs in Clinical Research;
  • CREs in Health Services Research; and
  • CREs in Population Health Research
The following are the key round dates for NHMRC Centres of Research Excellence for funding commencing in 2018:
Internal (UQR&I) deadline for EOI forms:  6 October 2017
Release of Funding Rules: TBA
Proposals Open in RGMS: TBA
Minimum Data requirements in RGMS: TBA
Full applications (Internal UQR&I deadline): TBA
Full applications (External NHMRC deadline): TBA
Rebuttals: Please see the NHMRC’s scheme web page for rebuttal timelines.
You may review the NHMRC Funding Calendar for information on this and other forthcoming rounds.

UQ will use a mandatory internal Expression of Interest (EOI) stage to endorse and provide feedback on developing NHMRC CRE proposals.  The EOI form is downloadable from UQ Documentation, below, and must be lodged to UQR&I via by the closing date.

  • Step 1: Join the UQR&I Mailer. Official announcements and UQR&I updates regarding the scheme will be sent via the Mailer.
  • Step 2: Familiarise yourself with the key UQ and NHMRC documentation (see below).
  • Step 3: Familiarise yourself with your Faculty/Institute specific grant peer review process.
  • Step 4: Obtain access to the NHMRC’s Research Grants Management System (RGMS). Start early if any team members are new to RGMS and need a login/password.
  • Step 5: Complete/update your Profile and CV in RGMS. Refer to the NHMRC document ‘RGMS User Guide- Introduction to RGMS’ from the RGMS Training Program website for further information.
  • Step 6: To be eligible to apply, complete Minimum Data requirements in RGMS by the date above (see Key Dates). Applications initiated after this date will not be accepted by NHMRC.
  • Step 7: Complete the application in RGMS.
    • Initiative = Centres of Research Excellence
    • Round = 2017_Centres of Research Excellence_funding_commencing_2018
    • Administering Institution = The University of Queensland
    • RAO Edit Access: 'Yes' (this will enable UQR&I to better assist you during the application process)
  • Step 8: Lodge the application to UQR&I for Internal Review
    • Ensure all RGMS online components are complete and all relevant PDFs are uploaded.
    • Generate your proposal Snapshots in RGMS under ‘Properties' and 'Request Latest Snapshot’.
    • Forward your completed UQ Funding Application Coversheet to UQR&IThis is needed to initiate internal review of your application.
    • Also provide CI & AI Certification forms
  • Step 9: Internal Review by UQR&I/feedback provided (compliance/eligibility/strategy).
  • Step 10: Final Submission by UQR&I to NHMRC.

Applicants may request access to previously successful funding applications using the UQR&I Grants Library Access Form.

For further information on the scheme please contact the UQR&I Round Coordinator at  If you are applying to the scheme through UQ, but are not currently a UQ staff member, please send an email to the Round Coordinator and request to be added to the funding round specific mailing list.

UQ supporting documentation:

No Workshops or Information Sessions are currently scheduled for this scheme. Please contact UQR&I with any queries (

An Applicant Response (rebuttal) process is used in the peer review of the NHMRC CRE applications. The anticipated timing of the release of assessor comments for applicant response is published in the Overview of the Peer Review Process. The actual date of release is dependent on the receipt of all assessor reports for the application. Applicants will be notified by email when their assessor comments are available and will have up to 10 days to complete their rebuttal response.

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