Round Status: Internal EOIs Open

The Australian Laureate Fellowships scheme supports excellence in research by attracting world-class researchers and research leaders to key positions, and creating new rewards and incentives for the application of their talents in Australia. Preference is given to researchers who will play a significant, sustained leadership and mentoring role in building Australia's internationally competitive research capacity.

The following are the key round dates for ARC Australian Laureate Fellowships for funding commencing in 2018:

Release of Funding Rules: August 2017
Proposals Open in RMS: 27 September 2017
Internal (UQ) nomination process opens: 7 August 2017
Internal (UQR&I) deadline for nominations from Faculties and Institutes: no later than 21 September 2017
Requests not to assess (Internal UQR&I deadline): 19 October 2017
Full applications (Internal UQR&I deadline): 19 October 2017
Full applications (External ARC deadline): 9 November 2017
Rejoinders: UQR&I internal deadline one week prior to ARC rejoinder closing date.
You may review the ARC Important Dates page for indicative information on this and other forthcoming rounds.

Given the extraordinarily competitive nature of the scheme, UQ will again determine its applicant field via a mandatory Internal Nomination process.  Schools, Centres, Faculties and Institutes are invited to nominate their prospective Laureate Fellowship applicants as soon as possible to (copied to and include an up-to-date CV of the nominee; and a brief supporting statement from the Executive Dean/Associate Dean Research/Institute Director/Institute Deputy Director as to the strength of the candidate and the alignment with UQ research strengths or other strategies.

Faculties and Institutes may also use an expedited renomination process for unsuccessful UQ candidates ranked in the top 50% of unsuccessful proposals from the previous (2017) application round via an e-mail recommendation, without the need for the CV and supporting statement above.

Faculties and Institutes are strongly encouraged to forward nominations progressively/in tranches, so that nominations can be considered on a rolling basis by the Chancellery.

Following the nomination phase, UQR&I’s Laureate Fellowships team will work with endorsed nominees on the preparation of their applications to ARC. Applicants will proceed to prepare a full proposal, as follows: 

  • Step 1: Join the UQR&I Mailer. Official announcements and UQR&I updates regarding the scheme will be sent via the Mailer.
  • Step 2: Familiarise yourself with the key UQ and ARC documentation (see below).
  • Step 3: Familiarise yourself with your Faculty/Institute specific grant peer review process.
  • Step 4: Obtain Access to the ARC’s Research Management System (RMS). Start early if any team members are new to RMS and need a login/password.
  • Step 5: Update your full profile in RMS ‘Person Profile’.
  • Step 6: Complete the application in RMS.
  • Step 7: Lodge the application to UQR&I for Internal Review
    • Ensure all online components are complete/valid (shown by green ‘validated’ colouring of each Part).
    • Generate a whole Proposal PDF. This icon is found near the top of the Proposal page
    • Select ‘Submit to Research Office’ in RMS to e-submit the application.
    • E-mail your completed UQ Funding Application Coversheet to UQR&I. This is needed to initiate internal review of your application.
    • If lodging a Request Not to Assess, please e-mail your completed form to UQR&I by the internal closing date.
    • Also provide completed ARC/UQ Certification Proformas and where relevant, CFRC Non-Duplication statements.
  • Step 8: Internal review by UQR&I/feedback provided (compliance/eligibility/strategy).
  • Step 9: Final Submission by UQR&I to the ARC.

Applicants may request access to previously successful funding applications using the UQR&I Grants Library Access Form.


For further information on the scheme please contact the UQR&I Round Coordinator Richard Kim or Nicole Thompson,


Technical RMS queries may be directed to the UQR&I RMS helpdesk at:

UQ supporting documentation for ARC Australian Laureate Fellowships for funding in 2018:

A suite of templates and proformas to assist you in compiling your application will be made available here when the next round is fully open.

No Workshops or Information Sessions are currently scheduled for this scheme. Please contact the UQR&I Round Coordinator Richard Kim or Nicole Thompson, with any queries.

In the ARC assessment and rejoinder process, proposal comments from external assessors will be made available to applicants, who may be given the opportunity to submit a rejoinder.

UQR&I works closely with individual applicants in submitting Australian Laureate Fellowship rejoinders and for this reason does not provide institution-wide workshops or seminars.

Detailed information on the rejoinder process (including instructions for accessing assessment reports and submitting rejoinders) is available from the ARC website. The UQR&I internal deadline for rejoinders is shown in the Key Dates section above.


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