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Agriculture and Food Sciences

Creating Innovations for Sustainable Agriculture and Food

Applied and Theoretical Economics

Pushing the Boundaries of Economic Theory and Applications

Biological Sciences

Spanning the Scales of Biological Organisation, From Cells to Organisms, Populations and Communities

Business, Management and Finance

Addressing the Challenges Facing Organisations and Their Employees

Cancer Studies

Developing Diagnostics, Vaccines and Therapies

Chemical Engineering

Transforming Research and Education in Chemical Engineering

Chemical Sciences and Materials Engineering

Developing Frontier Materials for Advanced Technologies

Clinical Sciences and Experimental Medicine

Delivering Innovative Solutions to Recognised Healthcare Needs

Communication, Media and Cultural Studies

Addressing Communication and Cultural Challenges in a Changing World

Ecology and Environmental Science

Addressing Environmental Challenges in a Changing World


Improving Educational Policy and Practice for All

Environmental Engineering and Water Management

Looking after our Water

Genetics and Genomics

Understanding the Basis of Botanic Life and Disease

Human Movement and Sports Science

Improving Health and Human Performance

Immunology and Infectious Diseases

Combatting Immune Disorders and the Threat of Infectious Disease

Information Systems and Data Management

Enabling Smart Information Use for an Interconnected World


Informing Legal Development in a Changing Society

Literary Studies

Understanding the World's Literary Cultures, Past and Present

Mathematics and Statistics

Revealing and Harnessing the Secrets of Number, Shape, Pattern and Order

Mechanical Engineering

Delivering Engineering Solutions for Over 100 Years

Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Discovering and Developing Next Generation Drugs

Mining and Minerals Processing

Contributing to a World Class Minerals Industry

Molecular and Cellular Biosciences

Improving Quality of Life Through Understanding Cell Regulation and Disease

Nanotechnology and Bioengineering

Transforming Science and Technology


Defining the Molecular Circuits of Brain Function in Health and Disease

Performing Arts and Creative Writing

Shaping Australian Writing, Drama and Music


Solving the Big Questions

Psychology and Cognitive Science

Understanding and Promoting Healthy Human Behaviour

Public Health and Health Services

Promoting, Maintaining and Restoring Health and Well-being

Social and Political Science

Exploring the Contours and Dynamics of Culture, Politics and Society

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