The University of Queensland (UQ), Australia, is an international leader in research and teaching in a comprehensive range of disciplines, including the biosciences, nanotechnology, sustainable development and social science.

In partnership with government, industry and donors, and complementing the teaching and research activity in its six Faculties, UQ has developed nine globally-recognised Research Institutes and over 100 Research Centres.
  • Each of UQ’s Research Institutes has a major strategic focus for the University and provides their diverse stakeholders with a significant and relevant profile to the external community. By combining modern infrastructure with a culture that champions research excellence, the Institutes have attracted an interdisciplinary community of more than 1500 scientists, social scientists and engineers. The Institutes are today’s flagships of a tradition of research leadership at UQ.
  • UQ's Research Centres support the critical mass that enables UQ to tackle significant global challenges. UQ’s Centres reflect a focus of expertise which is most often a research focus but may be based on another criteria such as a community-based activity, or interdisciplinary teaching. A Centre provides a common and easily identifiable face to external users, and the means to achieve visibility and raised profile. 
Research Institutes and Centres section

Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology

AIBN abandons traditional boundaries to focus research effort into areas that will provide great benefit for human health, manufacturing, information technology and the environment.

Global Change Institute

GCI provides a vehicle for collaborative research, learning, engagement and advocacy in major global change issues.

Institute for Molecular Bioscience

IMB's mission is to decipher the information contained in the genes, proteins and molecules of humans, animals and plants.

Institute for Social Science Research

Through ISSR, UQ aims to establish itself as the national leader for multidisciplinary social science and one of the world's leading social science research universities.

Mater Research Institute-UQ

Mater Research is a world class institute that is committed to academic medicine and aims to discover, develop, translate, and commercialise medical research that integrates with relevant areas of excellence within clinical practice.

Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation

QAAFI aims to significantly improve the productivity, competitiveness and sustainability of tropical and subtropical food, fibre and agri-business industries.

Queensland Brain Institute

QBI researchers work to discover the cellular and molecular mechanisms that underlie the ability of the adult brain to generate new nerve cells and form functional connections.

Sustainable Minerals Institute

SMI is the world’s leading research institute dedicated to finding knowledge-based solutions to the sustainability challenges of the minerals industry.

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