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  • Advanced machining of titanium

    Advanced Titanium Manufacturing

    Since 2005, researchers, within the University of Queensland’s Centre for Advanced Materials Processing and Manufacturing (AMPAM) have been working in close collaboration with Australian manufacturers that ar...

  • Behan

    Arts and technology converge at Ortelia product launch

    Technology comes to the fore of the Arts sector, when The University of Queensland hosts the commercial launch of Ortelia Interactive Spaces on 21 November.

  • UQ's School of Engineering/AIBN's Dr Peter Halley (left) and nowDr Stewart McGlashan looking at an injection molded biodegradable cup behind the injection molding machine

    Australia’s first biodegradable plastic is reducing waste

    Coles, Cadbury Schweppes, Marks & Spencer and Nestle are some of the global companies now packaging their products in bioplastics produced by Plantic.

  • Siemens 3T Magnetom Trio, whole-body MRI

    Billions benefit from UQ’s MRI technology

    Billions of scans have been conducted worldwide using MRI technology developed at The University of Queensland, in partnership with GE and Siemens.

  • Professor Caroline Gaus sampling pesticides from a contaminated waste bin

    Changing pesticide regulations for a safer world

    Dioxins are toxic compounds that cause adverse health effects in humans and wildlife. Research by a team at UQ led to sweeping changes to global pesticide regulations.

  • Heron Island on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

    Designing the world’s marine parks

    Marxan is considered to be the most significant contribution to conservation biology to emerge from Australia's research community.

  • From left: Professor Peter Spearritt, Dr Geoffrey Ginn, Dr Sean Ulm and Dr Marion Stell

    Digital historical atlas takes Queensland to the world

    Prior to the launch of the QHAtlas in 2010, there was little documented evidence of the importance of Queensland’s landscapes to our history.

  • Professor Frazer gives the first course of Gardasil to Rochedale teenager Rachel McMillan.

    Eliminating cervical cancer globally

    Two preventive vaccines developed have the capacity to save an estimated quarter of a million lives annually.

  • Leximancer analysis of all the United States Presidential inauguration speeches reveals themes central to national identity.

    Finding true meaning in text

    Software developed at The University of Queensland (UQ) is helping some of the world’s biggest organisations discover the true meaning of complex texts in minutes.

  • GroundProbe Slope Stability Radar (The SSR™) in operation at a mine site. (Image courtesy of GroundProbe®)

    Making open cut mines safer and more productive

    The world’s mining boom put pressure on the world’s biggest mining companies to expand open-cut mines – making them deeper and steeper – and increase productivity.

  • Darling River, in outback Australia with the highway crossing the bridge above it.

    More sustainable management of the Murray-Darling

    While always a part of Australian life, the severe drought of 2006 brought water resources, climate change and related issues to the forefront of public consciousness.

  • Associate Professor Mark Smythe

    New hope for sufferers from rheumatoid arthritis and Crohn’s disease

    A global partnership based on UQ discoveries is offering new hope for effective treatment for people with diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and Crohn’s disease.

  • Bundaberg Latch-On students and teacher

    New options for people with intellectual disability

    The Latch-On program challenges traditional beliefs around the limited capacity of people with intellectual disability to continue learning beyond high school.

  • ImpediMed L-Dex® U400 device. (Image courtesy of ImpediMed.)

    Pioneering the treatment of lymphoedema in breast cancer survivors

    Lymphoedema is painful swelling, characterised by excess protein and tissue fluid retention, and experienced by about 25% of breast cancer survivors.

  • UQ Advanced Water Management Centre’s Associate Professor Zhiguo YUAN

    Stopping money and chemicals going down the drain

    Technology developed at The University of Queensland is improving the way utilities manage sewer corrosion, cutting maintenance costs and reducing the environmental impact of wastewater.

  • From left: Dr Kazuhiro Nogita, Director of NS CMEM, School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering; Mr Tetsuro Nishimura, President, Nihon Superior Co. Ltd; and Mr Keith Sweatman, Consultant, Nihon Superior Co. Ltd

    Strengthening the case for lead-free solders

    In 2006, concerns over lead leeching from waste into groundwater saw the European Union (EU) effectively ban the use of lead in electronic devices.

  • Triple P benefits families in 25 countries.

    UQ conceives world-leading parenting program

    Triple P is estimated to have helped more than four million children in 25 countries around the globe including reducing child abuse and neglect.

  • Melanie Gordon, a UQ alumna in the mining industry

    World-leading education program makes mining safer

    Safety program G-MIRM has resulted in the reduction of fatality rates by up to 63 per cent on mine sites globally.


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