UQ was one of eight organisations participating in the Strengthened Export Controls (SEC) Pilot sponsored by the Defence Export Control Branch (Commonwealth Department of Defence).

The Pilot was a two year project running from May 2013 to May 2015 to test the Defence Trade Controls Act 2012 and its impact on research, with respect to the intangible export of controlled defence and strategic technology listed in the Defence Strategic Goods List (DSGL). It was directed by the SEC Steering Group, chaired by the Chief Scientist Professor Ian Chubb, and co-deputy chaired by UQ Vice-Chancellor Professor Peter Høj. As a result of the Pilot’s work the Defence Trade Controls Amendment Act 2015 came into force in April 2015. The UQ SEC Steering Committee which was set up to manage UQ’s involvement in the Pilot will continue to oversee the implementation of a UQ export controls framework and comprises the following members.

UQ SEC Steering Committee
Professor Anton Middelberg - Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research and International)
Ian Harris – Director, Research Partnerships
Professor Andrew Whittaker – Australian Professorial Fellow, AIBN
Professor Michael Yu – ARC Future Fellow, AIBN
Professor David Mee – Head of School, Mechanical & Mining Engineering
Professor Paul Burn – VC Research Focussed Fellow, Chemistry & Molecular Biosciences
Professor Roy Hall – Chemistry & Molecular Biosciences
Professor Janet Wiles – Information Technology and Electrical Engineering
Professor Andrew White – VC Research and Teaching Fellow, Quantum Technology
Professor Jack Ng – National Research Centre for Environmental Toxicology
Jane Malloch – Head, Research Legal, Research Partnerships Office
Lavinia Moore – UQ International Lawyer, UQ International
Toni Casey – Associate Director, Enterprise Risk Unit
Kerry Kahl – Strengthened Export Controls Program Manager
Sally Beard (Secretary) – Senior Admin Officer, Research Partnerships Office
Physical (tangible) and intangible exports of defence and strategic goods and technology from Australia to a place outside Australia require an export permit.
All UQ export control permit applications are made via the Director, Research Partnerships.
Assistance is available from Nicole Shively, Deputy Director, Research Management Office
Email: n.shively@research.uq.edu.au
Phone: 07 336 53571
See What are export controls?
Strengthened Export Controls section

(1) What are export controls?

What are export controls? Export control laws regulate the export from Australia to a place outside Australia of

(2) When does an export occur?

When does an export occur?

(3) Export permits

Export permits
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