SOPs may be used to complement an AEC application form and /or save time for the researcher/teacher. Where a SOP from another institution is used, which is not found on the UQ website, it must be attached to the application. Any SOP must be cited in the relevant section and must include its number and title, for example: 

AHT 53 Intravenous (Femoral) vein cannulation in Rats
DERM/365 Trapping a koala (see attached)
How do I create a Standard Operating Procedure? 
NOTE: ANY variation in technique from an SOP as written must be stated in the application and the variation described in full. Similarly where an SOP requires details on the use of anaesthetic, analgesic or any other information this must be provided in the application.
If an SOP cannot be located in the expected category below, please check all other categories.
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Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) section

Animal Handling Procedures (AHP)

Includes all approved SOPs which contain a level of complexity and are used routinely as experimental procedures, e.g. AHP 74 Intracerebroventricular Cannula Implantation in the Rat.

Animal Handling Techniques (AHT)

Includes all approved SOPs which describe many of the basic techniques commonly used in research, e.g. AHT 43 Tail tipping in mice.

Animal Surgical Techniques (AST)

Includes all approved SOPs which describe the minimum acceptable standards for conducting surgery on laboratory animals, e.g. AST 01 Clean Technique for Laboratory Animal Surgery.

Animal Teaching Techniques (ATT)

Includes all approved SOPs which describe commonly used techniques in teaching/husbandry, e.g. ATT 07 Artificial insemination in cattle.

External SOPs

Includes SOPs made available to UQ for use, by organisations external to UQ.

Standard Operating Procedures - TetraQ

TetraQ SOPs - restricted access
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