Our Committees

The University of Queensland has two Human Research Ethics Committees (HRECs). These committees, which are not discipline-specific, are HREC A and HREC B. As these HRECs are not discipline-specific, ethics applications will be allocated to the HRECs based solely on the date of submission.

Submission and Meeting Dates

Each HREC meets every four weeks on a Thursday with a two week interval between the meeting of HREC A and HREC B. To ensure that your application is considered at a meeting, you need to ensure that your final complete HREA application is submitted on the Tuesday two weeks prior to the meeting (the application closing date). We recommend submitting your application a week before the application closing date in order to allow enough time for preliminary review, feedback, and revision.

 Important Documents

UQ Terms of Reference for HREC A and HREC B
UQ Standard Operating Procedures for HREC A and HREC B

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