As part of the initiative to streamline the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) has developed the Human Research Ethics Application (HREA) as a replacement for the National Ethics Application Form (NEAF). The aim of the HREA is to be a concise streamlined application to facilitate efficient and effective ethics review for research involving humans. The application will assist researchers to consider the ethical principles of the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research (2007) in relation to their research, rather than focus on requirements for approval. 

The Human Research Ethics Application is available at the following link: The HREA "How to" Guide is available here.

Additional NHMRC resources, including video walk-throughs, are available on the HREA web page.

Should you have any questions on the HREA please contact the Human Ethics Office.

How to Finalise and Submit your Application to UQ’s HRECs

  • Once you have completed your application, navigate to the HREC page.
  • Use the pull down list to select the organisation that hosts the HREC (should be The University of Queensland if using UQ HREC).
  • Select The University of Queensland HRECs.
  • The contact information for the HREC will be displayed.
  • Select the review pathway you intend your application to be considered under (whether your application is negligible risk, low risk or greater than low risk).
  • Navigate to the ‘Generate HREA document’ page.
  • Verify that the application is complete, the Project Description/Protocol has been attached and that it is ready to be generated.
  • Select ‘Generate HREA document’.
  • The ‘Download files’ dialogue box will open.
  • Download all the files by clicking on the links. The .zip file contains .pdf and .rtf versions of your application along with any documents you have attached. Note that the .pdf and .rtf files cannot be uploaded into the HREA if they need to be amended – the .omni file is a unique file type to the HREA, and allows the completed application to be easily re-uploaded to make amendments required by the HREC, or to use the submitted application as the basis of a new application in the future.
  • You must download both the .omni file and the .zip file/s and keep them in a safe place. Submitted application data is removed from the HREA system after 90 days. You must ensure you have all the files you need before moving from this page.
  • Once you have downloaded all the files you require and have confirmed they have been downloaded, select ‘I have downloaded and saved all of the available files’ and select ‘Next’.
  • Submit your application to the Office of Research Ethics.
  • Upon receipt into UQ’s system, researchers will receive an automated acknowledgement of receipt email. It is important for you to contact the Office of Research Ethics ( immediately should you not receive a confirmation email.

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