Be Part of our Next Big Discovery

The University of Queensland’s world-class medical and biological research continues to provide solutions to some of the greatest problems of our time:

  • Impacts of global warming
  • Depletion of animal species
  • Feeding an expanding population
  • Healthcare needs of ageing Australians
  • Infectious diseases
  • Soaring rates of diabetes, obesity, heart disease, mental illness, infertility and cancer

You can help to advance this work, in an important and practical way. For research that involves the study of animals in the wild or in agriculture, or the use of animal models of human disease, UQ’s Animal Ethics Committees review proposals and ensure that animal welfare is fully considered. It is required by legislation that these Committees include members from the general public and from registered animal welfare organisations. Membership should reflect the community and its attitudes and so these members play an important role. That’s where you can make a difference. Your input will help us strike the right balance between generating great medical, agricultural, and ecological advances and recognising animal welfare and community expectations. Together, we can achieve best practice in agricultural and biological research, and support the next big breakthrough.

What are the benefits to you? Community volunteers receive:

  • a sitting fee
  • community membership to UQ’s libraries
  • find out what goes on at the coalface of agricultural, biological and medical discovery
  • a working lunch at meetings

To register interest or request further information, please contact the Animal Ethics Unit Coordinator