The following organisations issue permits for individual research projects involving animals

Australia wide


When applying for permits from the Department of Environment & Heritage Protection (EHP) or Marine Parks & Fisheries Permits investigators should adhere to the following guidelines for prompt processing of ethical clearances.

  1. Obtain relevant application forms directly from the relevant authority.
  2. Submit the application form directly to the relevant authority. The AEU does not forward application forms on behalf of Chief Investigators.
  3. Send a copy of the application along with the UQ animal ethics application to the AEU for processing. The AEU will then notify the relevant authority when UQ AEC approval has been obtained.
  4. Upon receipt of the permits from the relevant authority, forward a copy to the UQ AEC so that ethical approval can be finalised.
  5. The Animal Ethics Approval Certificate will be issued only after the AEU has received a copy of the approved permit. Experimental work MUST NOT commence until the Chief Investigator has received the Animal Ethics Approval Certificate.

The AEU database will send Chief Investigators an email reminder when permits are due for renewal as a matter of courtesy; however it is the responsibility of the CI to maintain current permits.  

Western Australia
Department of Environment and Regulation

South Australia
Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources

Department of Environment and Primary Industries

Northern Territory
Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries

Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment

New South Wales
Please note that UQ is not currently registered to undertake animal work in NSW and therefore UQ cannot approve, monitor or report on those animals being obtained from NSW.

Australian Capital Territory (ACT)
Territory and Municipal Services

Overseas permits are dependent on the country the project is taking place in and should be considered on a case by case scenario. For further assistance, please contact the Animal Ethics Unit.