UQ Research and Innovation maintains an electronic library of successful grant proposals from previous funding years. The Library contains applications for most ARC and NHMRC grants, as well as a variety of internal and external schemes. The Grants Library provides UQ researchers with a valuable resource for drafting and preparing research proposals.

To ensure the integrity of the applications, access is not given to the complete Library. Instead, this form is used to request specific applications. The more information you can provide in this form, the better we will be able to find a suitable application for you.

Please be aware that many areas of research have few or no applications available. This is because researchers in those areas have requested not to have their applications available through the Library. We urge you to include your own successful grant applications in the Library so that your colleagues can benefit from your expertise.

All applications available through the Grants Library were successful in obtaining funding.

Your Details

Application Details

Please specify the faculty/institute and school/centre you will be submitting your application through. If you do not know which faculty or school you will be submitting your application through, choose the school closest to your area of research.

Library Details

Please specify the the granting body and scheme you wish to view applications for. It is very important to ensure you specify the scheme you are applying for, as applications for other schemes may have different rules and will not be as helpful.

 (e.g. ARC, NHMRC, etc.)

 (e.g. Discovery, DECRA, Project Grants, Fellowships, etc.)

(Whilst we will do our best to accommodate specific areas of research if you request it here, please be aware that in many cases we can only supply applications marginally related to your area of interest.)

Conditions of Access

In order to gain access to the UQR&I Grants Library you must agree to the standard conditions of access:

  • The reference application/s provided will be made available to you on the condition that they are for use only by you as a UQ grant applicant (and are not for further distribution)
  • Appropriate arrangements will be in place to store and dispose of the material/s securely.

Restricted Access

If there are no suitable applications in the unrestricted section of the Grants Library, would you like UQR&I staff to attempt to gain access to restricted proposals on your behalf? Authors may choose to allow or decline you access to their proposal and you will be personally named to the author(s).

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