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Within the Health Economics, Pharmacoeconomics and Healthcare Outcomes

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Within the Quality Use of Medicines Area

  • Adherance and its relationship to patient beliefs towards their medicines
    (Dr Neil Cottrell)
  • International comparisons of medicines use, investigating pharmaceutical policy and other influences on usage
    (Professor Sue Tett
  • Key influences on the safe and effective prescribing and use of medicines
    (A/Prof. Lisa Nissen)
  • Modifying solid dosage forms for patients with difficulties swallowing their medications: Quality use of medicines issues
    (A/Prof. Lisa Nissen and Dr Kathryn Steadman)
  • Using linked population health data (from longitudinal cohort studies) to evaluate a number of questions of clinical interest eg. long term adverse consequences of specific medicines such as PPIs
    (Professor Sue Tett)
  • Extending pharmacist roles in oral healthcare delivery and promotion
    (Dr Meng-Wong Taing)

Pharmacoepidemiology - The use of medicines in populations

  • Trends in the use of selected medicines in Australia and other countries
    (Dr Samantha Hollingworth)
  • Profiles of adverse events from medicines in Australia and other countries
    (Dr Samantha Hollingworth)
  • Quality of evidence to support medicine use in Australia and other countries
    (Dr Samantha Hollingworth)
  • Real world outcomes with the use of high cost medicines in hospital treatments (e.g. cancer)
    (Dr Samantha Hollingworth)
  • Influences on medicine use: advertising of medicines in health professional publications
    (Dr Samantha Hollingworth)
  • Translation of evidence into practice within the pharmacy setting. What is the evidence of professional pharmacy services? Can we implement services in practice?
    (Dr Samantha Hollingworth)

Within the Therapeutic Targeting Area


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