Yeast is a single-celled eukaryotic organism capable of producing very large quantities of recombinant protein. PEF offers P. pastoris as the strain of choice for yeast expression. Services available from PEF include:

  • Developing an effective strategy for molecular cloning and yeast expression
  • Custom or high throughput cloning into a range of yeast expression vectors, including:
    • pPink-αHC
    • pPICZα-A,B,C
    • pPICZ-A,B,C
    • pHIL-S1
  • Transformation into a range of P. pastoris strains, including:
    • PichiaPinkTM (strains 1 to 4)
    • GS115
    • X-33
    • KM71H
  • Small-scale expression screening to determine optimal expression conditions
  • Large-scale expression in shake flasks and stirred-tank bioreactors

For all yeast expression services, including customised cloning and bioreactor-scale expression, please contact us for a quote.