Mammalian cell-based expression is the dominant system for the production of therapeutic recombinant proteins. Their capacity to handle complex post-translational modifications, folding and assembly of recombinant proteins and protein complexes is superior to other systems. Services available from PEF include:

  • Developing an effective strategy for molecular cloning and mammalian expression
  • Custom or high throughput cloning into a range of mammalian expression vectors, including:
    • pcDNA3.1
    • pcDNA3.3
    • pOPIN series
  • Transient transfection into CHO or HEK-293 cell lines
  • Stable pool selection and expression
  • Small-scale transient expression screening to determine optimal expression conditions
  • Large-scale transient expression in shake flasks and WAVE bioreactor

For all mammalian expression services, including customised cloning and bioreactor-scale expression, please contact us for a quote.