E. coli is frequently the first expression host chosen for the production of a recombinant protein, owing to the rapid, cheap and technically straight-forward culturing associated with its use. Services available from PEF include:

  • Developing an effective strategy for molecular cloning and bacterial expression
  • Custom or high throughput cloning into a range of bacterial expression vectors, including:
    • pOPIN
    • pET
    • pGEX
  • Transformation into a wide range of E. coli expression strains, including:
    • BL21 (DE3)
    • BL21 (DE3) pLysS
    • BL21 (DE3) CodonPlus-RIL
    • BL21 (DE3) Star
    • Rosetta (DE3) pLysS
    • Rosetta 2 (DE3)
    • Arctic Express (DE3) pLysS
    • Tuner (DE3)
    • Shuffle T7 Express
  • Small-scale expression screening to determine optimal expression conditions
  • Large-scale expression in shake flasks and stirred-tank bioreactors

In addition to regular communication updates throughout your project, we provide a highly detailed report on project completion. To view a sample report, please download the pdf here.

For all bacterial expression services, including customised cloning and bioreactor-scale expression, please contact us for a quote.