The UQCMS is the University's current enterprise content management system. In service for approximately 8 years the UQCMS has reached the end of its lifecycle and a process has commenced to replace it with a new, more modern content management system that meets the evolving needs of the University, its students, staff and stakeholders.

In 2013 a selection process shortlisted and selected Drupal as the new enterprise platform for the University. Drupal has undergone a pilot period to verify that it can meet the needs of the University and is now in the process of being developed for broad release to University clients.

The goal is to transition all UQ websites currently in the UQCMS to UQ Drupal by December 2015. To allow time for this transition the UQCMS will stay in operation and be supported until the end of 2015.

To find out more about the schedule of development and release of the new UQ Drupal CMS please visit the UQ Drupal website.

UQCMS Support

The Drupal Steering Committee has recommended that there be no further development of new websites in UQCMS and support for UQCMS will be phased out by 31 December 2015.

Technical support for existing UQCMS websites will continue until December 2015, however will be limited due to a shift in Web Services resources to deliver a priority program of website work in 2014.

UQCMS training will continue to be available via Staff Development, however the availability of UQCMS training will decrease over time as the University transitions to UQ Drupal.

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