Define the website purpose, objectives and success measures

  • It is important that all staff within your area are clear of the purpose and goals of your website. This can help when developing new content.

              o Why does the site exist?

              o What should it achieve? 

              o How can the site provide value to stakeholders?

              o Who is the site targeting?

              o How do you know it is doing its job?


Ensure compliance with quality and procedures, such as:

             o UQ corporate identity guidelines, or

             o Privacy management policy


Define internal processes

Deciding on some of these processes and responsibilities upfront can ease stress later on.

            o Defining the website governance and responsibilities

                 • Who are the internal stakeholders?

                 • Who makes final decisions and approvals

            o Defining approved publishing processes, such as

                 • What is the process for routine changes to content

                 • What is the process for changes to the Homepage

            o Identify staff time to support and maintain the website

                 • Who is responsible for updating the Homepage?

                 • How much time a week/month should be dedicated to this?

            o Assess potential risk and issues and identifying solutions


Schedule and allocate time for updating your site

            o Schedule web content maintenance and review, for example:

                 • How often should the Homepage be updated

            o Implement website quality measures, for example:

                 • Ensure the site is free of broken links, or

                 • Outdated content is removed within 5 days


Facilitating and responding to website feedback

            o Who will receive and respond to feedback? How will you use the feedback to improve the site?


Web Services is currently working on a tool to assist University areas with managing their websites.

In the meantime, should you require assistance or have any questions regarding how to better manage your site please send Web Services an email,

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