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23 October 2014

UQ Art Museum trials visitor photography 

For the first time ever, the UQ Art Museum (UQAM) is permitting visitors to take photographs of selected exhibitions within the gallery. This initiative is being trialled during the Lindy Lee: The Dark of Absolute Freedom exhibition. 

This is an unprecedented move for UQAM, and a sign that museum culture is changing. UQAM can see the benefit in embracing the smartphone, by encouraging visitors to share their experiences of the exhibition on social media using specific hashtags. 

This has been enthusiastically adopted by the public, with close to 200 photos uploaded to Instagram and tagged with #LindyLee and #UQArtMuseum.

For more information, contact UQ Art Museum digital communications officer Sebastian Moody on ext. 68761.

G20 Media Advice 

The G20 will attract significant media attention, and news outlets will be saturated with G20 coverage. Any releases not relevant to the event are likely to be lost in the maelstrom, so please have them ready for distribution before or after (but not during) the G20.

Releases relevant to the G20 agenda and surrounding events and issues (topics might include terrorism, international tourism, international relations, politics, human rights, migrants, emerging technologies and the like) should be distributed before or during the event.

The communications team will upload and distribute a list of researchers with expertise relevant to G20 issues. They must be available for comment during the G20 period (the leaders’ summit is 15-16 November, and there will be interest in the days before and after) and willing to have a mobile phone number and email address listed on the UQ News site for this period. Please send details to communications@uq.edu.au.  

UQ OP Results Advice Night

OP Results Advice Night (previously UQ Options Evening) will be held on Monday 22 December.

The event will be advertised to school leavers from Monday 1 December across TV, radio, press and online media. For a summary of the advertising campaign, click here.

In addition to paid advertising, the event will be promoted through UQ channels. We welcome the assistance of other UQ areas to promote the event, and can provide web banners, artwork, and content for email or social media. Screensavers are available in Appspace.

Prospective attendees can register online for the event  by visiting youruq.com/opresults.  For more information contact Keziah Sydes

UQ abbreviations in news stories

Be wary of using acronyms and initials in news releases. 

Write the organisation’s name in full at first mention (without initials in brackets following it). Use initials or an acronym on second or subsequent references only if the abbreviation is well known and the use is unavoidable.

It’s generally preferable to refer to "the institute", "the faculty", "the council", "the authority" etcetera. Sometimes it is clearer to repeat the full name of the organisation, particularly if the second reference is some way down the article.

Contact communications@uq.edu.au for further clarification. 

“The arrival of MySpace, Facebook and Bebo has given consumers the confidence and the ability to take more control of the relationship they have with brands.”  - Andrew Needham and Nadia Zohhadi 


UQ News TV – Socialising for brain health

Events and Training

Understanding Your New Enterprise Agreement 
4 November 2014, Rm 132, Sir Lew Ed Blg

Managing Performance
6 November 2014, Rm 202, Learn Innov Bldg

Microsoft Outlook 2010: Workshop 
12 November 2014, E-Zone 1, Duhig Bldg

Adobe Acrobat Pro - Forms
17 November 2014, E-Zone 1, Duhig Bldg

Presentation Skills
24 November 2014, Rm 202, Learn Innov Bldg

Minute Writing and Role of the Committee Secretary
25 November 2014, Rm 206, Bldg 8101, Gatton

Microsoft Word -intermediate: templates & mail merge 
25 November 2014, E-Zone 1, Duhig Bldg

Digital Predictions for 2015
6 November 2014, Interactive Minds

Future of Marketing Debate & Xmas Party
27 November 2014, Networx Events

Network News

Discovery at UQ 2014 

Discovery at UQ 2014 has been launched and an interactive electronic publication is available. Discovery at UQ 2014 incorporates multimedia to better showcase many of UQ’s outstanding research activities during the year and profiles a selection of UQ’s research award winners.

A 12-page printed booklet containing summaries of the research stories within the electronic publication and a two-page Research at UQ factsheet have also been published.

If you would like a printed copy of the Discovery at UQ 2014 booklet, email publications@uq.edu.au.

New staff appointments

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