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24 July 2014

UQ Open Day 2014

St Lucia Open Day is just over a week away, on Sunday 3 August from 9am–3pm. The event is always popular, with more than 20,000 people expected to attend. There will also be Open Day events at Ipswich on Wednesday 6 August from 2.30pm–6.30pm (as a joint UQ/USQ event) and Gatton on Sunday 17 August from 9.30am–3pm.

There is a range of resources available to help you promote Open Day to prospective students and their families. Resources include web banners, screen savers and social media posts, and can be requested by email. A summary of the Open Day advertising campaign is availabe on the OMC website.

Please encourage prospective visitors to visit youruq.com/openday to create their plan for the day online. This will ensure visitors have the opportunity to preview the full range of seminars and activities on offer – before they arrive at the event.

The free UQ Open Day app, available from the App Store and Google Play, helps visitors make the most of their Open Day experience when they are at the event. It provides access to the full program and includes an integrated map feature to help visitors find their way around campus.

If you have any questions about Open Day, please email marketing@uq.edu.au.

Sustainability Week 2014

The second annual Sustainability Week is being held from Monday 18–Friday 22 August, and it would be great to have your help with promotion of this important iniative.

Sustainability Week promotes sustainability at UQ, and will open with a presentation by UQ Business School Academic Dean Professor Andrew Griffiths and Property and Facilities Division Deputy Director Geoff Dennis. Other events include lectures and talks, tours, tree planting and demonstrations.

A variety of resources are available to assist with promotion, including banners, screensavers and posters. The Sustainability Office will be posting about Sustainability Week on their Facebook page, and you are welcome to share their posts. For more information and resources, contact Clair Keleher or Suzanne Davis in the Sustainability Office, or Jessica Marshallsay in OMC.

2015 UQ International Student Guide app out now

The 2015 UQ International Student Guide app is now available for download for Apple and Android phones and tablets. Where possible, please promote this app through your communications channels. 

The app contains comprehensive information for international students on applying to and studying at UQ, as well as videos and images.  A key feature is the program finder, which makes it easy to search for programs and courses and contains full details including course and program descriptions, starting dates, entry scores and admission requirements.

For more information, email internationalcomms@uq.edu.au. Postcards are also available to promote the app, and can be ordered from Jeni Kennedy.

New features for UQ Images

UQ Images has been updated with new features to help with uploading and viewing images. 

  • A new bulk uploader lets you drag and drop files from your computer to upload them.
  • When you have the lightbox expanded (so it runs across the bottom of your screen), you can drag and drop images from the browse or search results screen.
  • More actions are now available on the search results and browse screens, including download, add or remove from lightbox and, for admin users, bulk or batch update.
  • If you have multiple saved searches, you can easily re-order them using drag and drop.
  • Admin users can re-order attributes on the view and edit pages using drag and drop.

Visit UQ Images to try the new features out for yourself. If you have any questions, please email uqimages@uq.edu.au.

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Events and Training

Procurement Practices 31 July 2014, Rm 202, Learn Innov Bldg

Healthy and secure online habits – lunchbox session 31 July 2014, Rm 202, Learn Innov Bldg

Marketing and Communications at UQ 5 August 2014, Rm 202, Learn Innov Bldg

Microsoft Word - basics: Introduction to styles 6 August 2014, E-Zone 1, Duhig Bldg

Microsoft Excel - basics: Intro to Spreadsheets 14 August 2014,
E-Zone 1, Duhig Bldg

Microsoft Outlook 2010: Workshop 19 August 2014,
E-Zone 1, Duhig Bldg

Leading Change 21 August 2014, Rm 202, Learn Innov Bldg

Digital Marketing 7 August 2014, Australian Marketing Institute

Digital Analytics 21 August 2014, ADMA

The Women in Media and Communications Leadership Summit 2014 26–27 August 2014, Liquid Learning

Network News

Event name change –
UQ Options Evening

UQ’s annual Options Evening event has been renamed to OP Results Advice Night in 2014 to better reflect the event’s purpose and to resonate with the year 12 audience. The event, which will be held on Monday 22 December from 4pm–7pm, is timed to coincide with the release of OP results. It gives students the opportunity to talk directly to staff about how to make the most of their OP.

For more information, visit http://youruq.com/opresults (the existing Options website redirects here) or email marketing@uq.edu.au.

UQ Volunteer Expo

The UQ Volunteer Expo is being held on Wednesday 6 August, from 10am–1pm in the Holt and Heath Rooms, Building 21, UQ Union Complex, St Lucia.

The Expo gives staff and students the opportunity to find out about volunteer organisations and available volunteering positions.

The Student Affairs team would appreciate it if staff could promote the event through their communications channels. For more information, please contact Julia McSwan.

New staff appointments

Read details here.

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