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23 April 2015

The Network Forum

OMC has initiated a major project to develop a new brand strategy and platform for the University. The intention is to provide a central ‘organising idea’ from which all University marketing and communications can be driven.

A key piece of the project will be a new campaign targeting domestic school leavers, due to launch in mid-July. Further assets and aspects of the campaign will be rolled out progressively over the latter part of 2015.

The new brand strategy and platform will be discussed at the next Network Forum, at 2pm Wednesday 29 April in the Senate Room, Brian Wilson Chancellery.

Come along to find out more about this project, how you can support it and what it means for your area. RSVP to Jo Geromin

Mid-year entry campaign

UQ’s mid-year entry campaign will be in market from Monday 4 May. The campaign will encourage prospective students to start their studies in July. Key dates and a list of available undergraduate programs are on the mid-entry microsite.

The campaign will be featured across radio and online, including the UQ Facebook page. Feel free to share these posts across your office, faculty or school Facebook pages and other social media channels.

A full campaign summary along with example campaign material is available on the OMC website.

If you have any questions please email marketing@uq.edu.au.

Dialogue magazine distribution list

Dialogue magazine is a new outward-facing publication under production by the Office of Marketing and Communications. 

The primary audiences for the publication will be senior figures in industry, business, government and relevant non-government sectors.

The publication will be distributed to a database of named individuals through targeted direct mail. Mass distribution will be through the development of high quality app and web-based versions of the publication.

The Corporate Publications team is seeking suggested industry contacts who would benefit from receiving Dialogue magazine.

All marketing and communication staff are urged to consider if your school, faculty or institute has any suitable contacts. Contact Prue McMillan on ext. 67886 with your suggestions.

Scimex and EurekAlert

UQ has added two powerful science communications channels – Scimex and EurekAlert – to its media arsenal.

The Australian Science Media Centre will hold a session on Scimex at St Lucia from 2.30-3.30pm on 13 May. Scimex is an online news portal designed to help journalists cover science. Contact communications@uq.edu.au by COB Friday 1 May if you wish to attend the session.

If you have stories suitable to submit to Scimex or EurekAlert please let Comms know and we’ll work with you to upload releases and multimedia material under embargo or for immediate publication. Note that releases must be cleared through the usual OMC process before going to either site. If you haven’t already done so, you should create a login to submit stories for Scimex here and for EurekAlert here. 

“What other people say about you is more important than what you say about you.” Will McInnes – Social Media Week


UQ News TV – UQ Poche Centre

Events and Training 

Prezi for Presentations 4 May 2015, E-Zone 1, Duhig Building

Cloud Computing using MS OneDrive 5 May 2015, E-Zone 1, Duhig Building

A Guide to University Protocol Events 5 May 2015, Rm 202, Learning Innovation Building

Ethics Awareness Workshop 6 May 2015, Rm 202, Learning Innovation Building

Project Funding - Accounting for Grants 7 May 2015, Rm 202, Learning Innovation Building

Presentation Skills 12 May 2015, Rm 202, Learning Innovation Building

Why are we still making corporate videos? 28 April 2015, Networx Events

Researching, Measuring, and Evaluating PR Success 5 May 2015, PRIA

Outstanding Women Series breakfast 17 May 2015, AIM

Advanced Communication 25 May 2015, AIM

Network News

When to involve Protocol?

The Protocol team must be notified in advance if you are holding an event or function which involves participation or attendance from the Chancellor or Vice-Chancellor. You also need to liaise with Protocol prior to inviting dignitaries.

You can notify the Protocol team of your event or function by completing the Protocol Advice Form.

For more details see the UQ Vice-Chancellor’s Protocol Guidelines or email protocol@uq.edu.au.  


New staff appointments

Read details here

Industry news

The career advice I wish I had at 25 LinkedIn

Six Web-based tools and applications that can help you communicate visually Journalists Resource 

11 Easy Ways to Target Millennials in Your Marketing Strategy Hubspot






OMC welcomes your feedback on The Network. Send your comments or suggestions to publications@uq.edu.au. Please send through any stories or ideas by the second Thursday of every month.


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