The Network is a monthly e-newsletter from OMC containing news from and for the UQ marketing and communications network at UQ including upcoming events and training opportunities.

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M&C Staff Update - November 2016

Caroline Bird has joined UQ’s Institute of Continuing & TESOL Education (ICTE-UQ) as Manager Communications. Caroline previously worked in the Communications team within UQ’s Office of Marketing and Communications, a...

The Network - November 2016

M&C Staff Update - October 2016

Sasha Ackfun has joined the Office of Marketing and Communication as the new Marketing and Communications Trainee. The trainee position is a new role, designed to provide the appointee with 12 months experience across the full range...

The Network - October 2016

M&C Staff Update - September 2016

Ann Johnstone has joined the Institute for Social Science Research (ISSR) as an Engagement Officer within the Innovation and Commercial Development team. Ann previously worked at  Esri Australia, managing a range...

The Network - September 2016

M&C Staff Update - August 2016

IMB staff changes. Kate Sullivan has returned from parental leave into the role of Senior Communications Officer (Publications). Aimee Parker who was in the role has returned to her substantive position with the Faculty of Science. ...

The Network - August 2016

The Network - July 2016

M&C Staff Update - June 2016

Sharon Doyle has taken the position as RHD Engagement and Development Manager at UQ Graduate School until the end of 2016, while Kate Swanson is undertaking a secondment opportunity as Centre Manager of the Poche Centre for Indigeno...

The Network - June 2016

M&C Staff Update - May 2016

Victoria Bick has recently joined UQ Global Engagement as the Manager, International Visits and Events. Victoria has over seven years’ experience working in events, protocol and project management within the higher education s...

The Network - May 2016

M&C Staff Update - April 2016

Sarah Armour has been appointed to the role of Senior Protocol Officer within OMC. Sarah has been a Protocol Officer for more than two years, prior to which she worked at Penrith City Council where she held a range of events roles s...

The Network - April 2016

M&C Staff Update - March 2016

Jessica Glass has been appointed to the role of Senior Marketing Officer, Events and Sponsorship, in the Marketing team. Jess joined UQ in early 2013 in the role of Marketing Coordinator, Events, and previously held a similar r...

The Network - March 2016

The Network - February 2016

The Network- November 2015

M&C Staff Update- February 2016

Caroline Esera has been appointed to the position of Assistant Manager, Marketing & Communications in the Faculty of Science. Caroline has worked at UQ previously within Advancement and the Diamantina Institute between...

M&C Staff Update- November 2015

Cate Mackenzie has joined the Faculty of Science Engagement Unit as Digital Content Producer which is a new role, fixed term for 12 months. Cate joins us from the University of Edinburgh where she has had a number of marketing and c...

The Network - December 2015

M&C Staff Update - October 2015

Bernadette Condren has joined the Queensland Brain Institute as its Media and Communications Manager. She has previous worked at the Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences as the Communications Manager. Bernadette has extensive...

Drupal Transition Update

School of Veterinary Science live The School of Veterinary Science group of sites went live on Wednesday 7 October 2015. Veterinary Science includes 3 hospitals, 2 labs, a pet adoption service and a variety of research groupings an...

The Network - October 2015

M&C Staff Update - September 2015

Briana Ives has joined the Student Affairs Division as Communications Technology Officer until July next year, while Molee Leng is on secondment. She comes from a background in local government delivering recycling education an...

The Network - September 2015

M&C Staff Update - August 2015

Neil Donnelly has been appointed as the Marketing and Communications Manager for the Office of the Director, Gatton Campus. Neil worked as a magazine editor for over a decade, including with Townsville’s Coast magazine. He rec...

The Network - August 2015

The Network - July 2015

M&C Staff Update - July 2015

Bronwyn Adams has returned from parental leave and resumed her position as Communications Manager at The Institute for Molecular Bioscience. Bronwyn can be contacted at

M&C Staff Update - June 2015

Jo Geromin has joined the Protocol team within the Office of Marketing and Communications as a Protocol Officer. Jo has been working as EA to the Director of OMC since July 2014. She has previously worked on a broad range of events ...

The Network - June 2015

The Network - May 2015

M&C Staff Update - April 2015

Lauretta Acharya has been appointed the role of Marketing and Communications Officer in the Office of Marketing and Communications. Lauretta has been acting in the role since late last year. She has previously worked in UQ’s I...

The Network - April 2015

The Network - March 2015

M&C Staff Update - March 2015

Jessica Dean has joined the UQP marketing team as Marketing Coordinator. She has previously worked in-house for UK publishers Egmont, Templar and Scholastic and freelance for Simon & Schuster, Macmillan Children’s Books an...

M&C Staff Update - February 2015

Robert Burgin has joined the Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences as a Senior Media Officer. He was most recently with Fairfax Media as Digital Producer with the Brisbane Times, and prior to this was Senior Media Officer with ...

The Network - February 2015


M&C Staff Update - December 2014

Danielle Koopman has joined BEL as Communications Manager in the faculty marketing and communications team. Danielle has a long career in communications and journalism, most recently at economic development board Brisbane Marketing...

The Network - December 2014


M&C Staff Update - November 2014

Belinda Hopgood has joined the Office of Marketing and Communications as the new Protocol Manager. Belinda has more than 10 years’ relevant experience in events management, including 4 years as Events and Engagement Manag...

The Network - November 2014


The Network - October 2014


M&C Staff Update - October 2014

Kellie Colahan has joined the School of Languages and Comparative Cultural Studies as Events and Engagement Officer. She has previously worked at The University of New South Wales and Griffith University in similar roles. Conta...

M&C Staff Update - September 2014

Dr Julia Archbold has joined the Institute for Molecular Bioscience as the Publications and Science Communications Officer. Julia has more than 12 years of research experience specialising in drug discove...

The Network - September 2014


M&C Staff Update - August 2014

Sonya Gellert has joined the Office of Marketing and Communications as a Publications Officer. She has previously worked as the Assistant Editor of map magazine, as a reporter for The Weekend Edition and RACQ, and...

The Network - August 2014

M&C Staff Update - July 2014

Sarah Armour has been appointed to the continuing position of Protocol Officer with OMC, after joining OMC as a fixed term Protocol Officer in November last year. Prior to joining UQ, Sarah worked at Penrith City Council for ten yea...

The Network - July 2014

M&C Staff Update - June 2014

Jacqui Belesky has joined the Office of Marketing and Communications as Publications Editor for 12 months, to cover Stacey King's maternity leave. Her most recent role was managing internal communications for Hastings Deering, and s...

The Network June 2014

M&C Staff Update - May 2014

Caroline Bird has returned to the Office of Marketing and Communications as a Communications Coordinator following 12 months on leave. Contact Caroline at or on ext...

The Network - May 2014

M&C Staff Update - April 2014

Sarah Brischetto has joined the School of Economics as Marketing and External Relations Officer. She has previously worked at EC3 Global and the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. Contact Sarah at

The Network April 2014

M&C Staff Update March 2014

Annaleece Arnold has joined the School of Languages and Comparative Cultural Studies as their Events & Engagement Officer. Her previous roles were in the marketing and event management departments of RSPCA Qld, where she was involved...

The Network March 2014

M&C Staff Update February 2014

Janardan Kewin has joined the RHD Engagement and Development team at the Graduate School as Communications Coordinator. He has held various marketing and communications roles at UQ, including most recently Publications and External ...

The Network - February 2014

The Network December 2013


M&C Staff Update November 2013

Teresa Winch is joining the Office of Marketing and Communications (OMC) as a Fixed Term Protocol Officer. She has been with Customs House as an Events Coordinator since 2009, and prior to that had event planning and management role...

The Network November 2013


The Network October 2013


Engagement case study: Pharmacy

New engagement activities – a success for the Faculty of Health Sciences At recent events, TSXPO and St Lucia Open Day, the Faculty of Health Sciences piloted two new engagement activities for the

The Network September 2013


The Network August 2013


National Higher Education Communications Officers Conference 2013

The University of Queensland: case study  Lesley Whitteker Deputy Director, Office of Marketing and Communications, The University of Queensland 

The Network July 2013


The Network June 2013

The Network - May 30 2013

The Network - April 24 2013

The Network - March 21 2013

The Network - February 21 2013

Tips for managing your website

Define the website purpose, objectives and success measures It is important that all staff within your area are clear of the purpose and goals of your website. This can help when developing new content.

The Network - December 20 2012

The Network - November 29 2012

The Network - October 25 2012

Paywalls and the new media landscape

New media models were up for discussion at the Brisbane Writers Festival, with a panel of journalists commenting on the successful and not so successful formats taking the place of a declining print media. Susan Johnson, Jeff Sparrow, John ...

The legal pitfalls of social media exposed

OMC staff recently attended the PRIA breakfast seminar “Social media and the legal pitfalls for PR and communications today”, where Professor Mark Pearson and Associate Professor Jane Johnston from Bond University discussed some of the l...

Draft Program - Network Conference 2012

Draft Program – Network Conference 2012 Anthony Frangi, MC Senior Lecturer, School of Journalism and Communications 8:30am – 8:50am Registration 9:00am –...

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