The my.UQ student page acts as a portal to information and websites important to current students (eg. mySI-net and student email). Students access this site on a regular basis so it can be a great way to promote events and activities to current students.


  • Must be relevant to all current students
  • Must have a web page to link to further information
  • Example of type of spotlights:
    - Informational (primarily Academic Services messaging)
    - Demonstrate UQ Advantage (eg. Office of Undergraduate Education, UQ Sport, Concurrent Diplomas)
    - Promote key events such as Careers Fair, Orientation Week


To request a my.UQ student spotlight, please complete our online booking form at least 10 days prior to when you would like the sign to appear to allow for scheduling and content creation. OMC will review your request and the booking schedule and send an email to confirm your booking. Please note: this spotlight may have limited availability throughout the year as it is primarily used to communicate important academic messages to students.