Overview of the conference

Video marketing: Boost your user engagement (March 7, 2012)

Video has been used successfully by many companies to complement and enhance their online content. This seminar, hosted by Interactive Minds, looked at how video can be used most effectively and what is involved in preparing and launching quality video content for a website. Attendees found out about local case studies and examples of different uses of video online.

Speakers comprised Senior Director Asia Pacific, Brightcove, Mark Blair; Owner of Media Giants, Nick Place; and Manager of Digital Content at Tourism Queensland, Sarah Mattsson.

Mark Blair explained why video is an important consideration for every company online, how video can best work, how to implement this tactic and the best practice tips.

Nick Place spoke about ways to ensure video consists of compelling content, the steps involved in making a good quality video and the real costs involved in producing video.

Sarah Mattsson showcased the Roo Mail campaign run by Tourism Queensland last year. She explained how the concept was born, how the video campaign was run and how Tourism Queensland is measuring results.

UQ seminar attendees

  • Linda Pike, Office of Marketing and Communications
  • Carly Barrett, Office of Marketing and Communications
  • Kirsten Rogan, Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Kate McKean, Faculty of Health Sciences

Conference notes and presentations



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