Rates may vary depending on the type of work that you are requesting and the amount of time involved.


The cost of specialist advertising will vary depending on your requirements and the type of media used. For further information on advertising costs, please visit the Advertising Office website. Calculators are available on the site to provide approximate costs but it is recommended that you contact the Advertising Officer with your specific requirements. A 4% advertising levy is charged to the requesting unit in addition to the media cost for the setting, booking and despatch of advertisements. .


Our services are available to clients from all areas of UQ for UQ-related projects. Our rate for graphic design work is $60 per hour - we are resourced to provide a free service to all central areas. We are a small, busy studio, and recommend you contact us at an early point in your project timeline in order to ensure that we can schedule your work and produce it in a timely fashion. Contact us and we will then get in touch with you to arrange a briefing meeting where we can discuss your needs and the scope, timelines and estimated costs of your project.

Web Services

We operate a cost recovery method for projects with faculties, schools, centres, research groups, and institutes. For all work over 30min in duration we charge a rate of $80 /hour. For project work of 5 hours or more we prepare a scoping document and a formal quote.