We operate a ‘hub and spoke’ model through the coordination of a marketing and communications network, which aims to improve the effectiveness of marketing and communications at The University of Queensland.

The network helps to ensure consistency of branding and messages, improves coordination of activities, helps to maximise the use of resources and provides a network for everyone involved in marketing and communications to share information and plans, and access a range of professional development opportunities.

Key elements of the Network include:

  • co-ordination of quarterly meetings of the network
  • professional development opportunities including an annual conference
  • distribution of a monthly e-newsletter, 'The Network' to keep staff informed of key activities undertaken by OMC
  • assistance with recruitment and interviewing for marketing and communications positions
  • co-ordination of ‘Comnet’, an email list for staff interested in sharing information among members of the network
  • co-ordination to deliver seamless marketing and communications support to major UQ milestones, including Orientation Week, Diversity Week, Teaching and Learning Week and Research Week.
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