High-quality and successful websites are:

  • accurate
  • accessible
  • easy-to-use
  • efficient and
  • designed to meet users needs

Identify your target audience

User-centred design is of paramount importance. When developing a new website or re-developing an existing website, user needs rather than organisational structure should be central to the design. The following questions will help to focus on user needs:

  • Who is the information for?
  • How will they be looking for it?
  • What will they want to do on the website?
  • If redevloping a website, which pages are most in demand?


The following steps can help to answer these questions:

  • Consult with representatives of your various user groups using the following methods to help determine their information needs. These may be staff, current students, research partners, prospective students, alumni or any group who will use your site.
    • surveys
    • interviews
    • focus groups
    • feedback
  • Make use of website traffic statistics, which can help identify what information is in demand. Web Services can provide statistics and set up services such as Google Analytics to capture web statistics.